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Volume 3 Issue 12
December 2005 Décembre

  Editorial & Rédaction

Each month, I will feature one of our writers. This month it is my good friend,

Jim Carten

Over the past three years, Jim Carten has written some 43 articles "Jim Tidbits" on a variety of topics: genealogy, his ancestors, woodland activities, people in his past.
Jim has had a variety of experiences in his life. He has shared these with us since the first issue Genealogy in February 2003.
I asked him how would I describe him. Here's his answer ..."Describe me? Ayoyé! Flakey? ..ah, yes, a favourite: ''Someone who draws his decisions from his inner logic.'' Which means if I think it is all right, it is all right, regardless of what the law books say..................j"
Need I say more!
As Editor, I am happy to have Jim write for our magazine.
Merci bien, mon ami!

Chaque mois, je vais vous présenter un de nos auteurs dans ma rédaction. Ce mois-ci, c'est mon ami, Jim Carten.
Depuis trois ans, Jim Carten nous a envoyé 43 articles "Jim Tidbits" d'une variété de sujets: la généalogie, ses ancêtres, des activités dans les bois, les gens qu'il a rencontré dans la vie.
Jim a vécu une vie bien intéressante. Il nous a partagé ses expériences depuis notre première parution en février 2003. Son premier article était Genealogy.
Je lui ai demandé de se décrire. Voici ce qu'il m'a répondu..." Describe me? Ayoyé! Flakey? ..ah, yes, a favourite: ''Someone who draws his decisions from his inner logic.'' Which means if I think it is all right, it is all right, regardless of what the law books say..................j".
Je ne peux en ajouter rien!
Merci bien, mon ami!

Norm Léveillée

Jim Carten sends us his research on Augustin Roy dit Lauzier:
Augustin Roy dit Lauzier, b.05-06-1701 Kamouraska (K), bp.02-07-1701 Rivière-Ouelle (RO). Godparents: Pierre Michaud and Marie Ancelin. He married 22-10-1725, Boucherville (B). There seems not have had a marriage contract. The circumstances that preceded and accompanied the marriage, that we will speak of while treating the wife, explaining why they had forgotten to pass the contract...

Jim sends us another one of his "Tidbits": Ice Harvest, 1953

The cutting and harvesting of ice has begun on the Chaudière River and if the temperature holds out, it should continue for a few more weeks now. The company Etchemin Glace employs actually about twenty men and they should hire an additional thirty at peak time.

Jim forwarded this to our magazine Dear ancestor, your tombstone stands among the rest

Dear Ancestor,
Your Tombstone Stands Among The Rest:
Neglected And Alone,
The Name And Date Are Chiselled Out
On Polished Marble Stone...

Et puis encore un autre... Le jeudi 17 novembre 2005/ Le Journal de Québec

Le jeudi 17 novembre 2005/ Le Journal de Québec.
La réhabilitation de Louis Riel n'est pas complète. (120 ans après sa pendaison)
Winnepeg……Plus de 18 mois après l'engagement pris pas le premier ministre Paul Martin de revoir la place controversée faite à Louis Riel dans l'Histoire du Canada, les progrès sont minces...

Norm Léveillée I will review the past three years of publication of our magazine Késsinnimek - Roots - Racines as well as various sections of my website: www.leveillee.net.
I hope that you enjoy Review of Késsinnimek-Roots-Racines 2003-2005.
For this month, I would like to review the various sections of my website since it is on this site that our magazine Késsinnimek - Roots - Racines is located. In addition, there is a personal section; one dedicated to my cousin Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha; that of another cousin Blessed Dina Délanger; and finally a huge section devoted to the Genealogy of my Ancestors.

Je vais revoir ce qu'on a publié dans notre e-zine Késsinnimek - Roots - Racines depuis février 2003 et aussi les différentes sections de mon site: www.leveillee.net.
J'espère que vous trouviez mon article Revoir Késsinnimek-Roots-Racines 2003-2005 intéressant et informatif.

Pour cette parution, je vais revoir pour nos lecteurs les différentes parties de mon site où se trouve notre e-zine Késsinnimek - Roots - Racines. De plus, il y a une section personnelle; une autre dédiée à ma cousine la Bienheureuse Katéri Tekakwitha; celle d'une autre cousine la Bienheureuse Dina Bélanger; et finalement une grande base de données au sujet de la généalogie de mes ancêtres.

This was sent to me by a cousin: An Intimate Moment with Mary and Joseph

For the census, the royal family has to travel eighty-five miles. Joseph walks, while Mary, nine months pregnant, rides sidesaddle on a donkey, feeling every jolt, every rut, every rock in the road...

Métis du Québec Fête De L'hiver 3 Décembre - 2005 - Winter Feast December 3   en français & in English

J'ai reçu ce courriel de Soeur Réjane Veilleux, R.J.M.: Messages téléphoniques de Dina   en français: pour nos lecteurs franco-canadiens.

Leslie Choquette reviewed Allan Greer's book on Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha "Mohawk Saint: Catherine Tekakwitha and the Jesuits". Her review appeared in the H-France Review Vol. 5 (October 2005), No. 109.
Mohawk Saint is quite simply the best book I have read (and there are many excellent ones!) on the momentous and vexed encounter of Europeans and Native Americans in the Early Modern world. A must-read for anyone interested in New France or colonial Native Americans, it provides an intimate and imaginative portrait of both the Mohawk Catherine and the French missionaries with whom she interacted in the seventeenth-century Praying Iroquois community of Kahnawake...

Louise Dubrule writes about THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS MEMORIES
Unlike Jacob Marley, my ghosts of Christmas past are not at all frightening. The older I get, the dearer the memories become.
When I was very young, the holiday was not just about gifts. To begin with, we never had much money and the gifts were often handmade: socks, hats, mittens, scarves, sweaters, and once a crazyquilt patchwork bathrobe lovingly embroidered with a variety of stitches...

Juliana L'Heureux sends us Riding the Bus in Baltimore - A Tribute to Rosa Parks:
I grew up in the 1960s riding buses and streetcars in Baltimore, Maryland. Frankly, riding the bus was relaxing and convenient. We just put a quarter or a token in the meter and away we'd go. Riding the bus (or streetcar) was a simple way to get from here to there. In the 1960's, we never thought twice about hopping on a city bus to go to school, for work, shopping or visiting. Although riding the bus doesn't cost a mere quarter anymore, Baltimore's public transportation system was (and remains) a reliable mode for getting around...

Juliana has transcribed a beautiful story about The Acadians of Barrington Township :
The Acadian celebrations of 2004 (marking 400 years of French history in North America) gave inspiration for this booklet on the Acadian history of Barrington Township, in Nova Scotia. Our emphasis is upon the events as they unfolded beginning with the early explorers and continuing through the deportation which, in the Barrington Township (known as Cape Sable) began in 1756. The Acadians were taken captive by night and transported by ship to an unknown destination. Our story follows this tragic exile of Barrington's first European settlers.

She also sends us Birch Bark Pen Pal:
My Quebec pen pal Rita Drouin recently sent a pleasant note she hand printed on a quaint piece of birch bark.
Receiving the hand printed message was like having a delightfully creative treat show up in my mailbox. Actually, the birch bark document looks like a rare piece of buffed brown antique writing paper...

Fr. Owen Taggart writes about Father Louis-Guillaume Gagnier - Builder of Churches
At the birth of all great institutions, God, in his infinite wisdom, brings forth courageous founders and zealous pioneers to lay the groundwork. God gives these heroes the distinction of being workers of the first hour, an honor which time will never dim...

Et en français Le Père Louis-Guillaume Gagnier - Bâtisseur d'Églises

Le Seigneur, en sa sagesse infinie, envoie dans notre monde des pionniers zêlés et courageux pour ériger les lieux de culte. Ceux-ci ont la distinction d'être appelé comme ouvriers de la première heure, une honneur qui jamais ne leur échappera...

Richard Aubrey Payne introduces us to "Miss Molly".
I took the name of the Patron of Animals, as my confirmation name almost 35 years ago, becoming Francis Richard Aubrey Payne, out of my love for animals. St. Francis has reminded my inspiration driving me to advocate for and to defend them. Blessed Kateri’s closeness to nature also attracted me to her. When my English Cocker Spaniel, Brewster was attacked and killed by the neighbor’s Pit Bull, I asked St. Francis to escort him to heaven, believing that all dogs do go to heaven. I prayed to Blessed Kateri that I would find another dog to fill that spot in my then lonely heart...

Donald Lefebvre displays his poetic side in Fencing, but it's not about "dueling":
Come May, first nice day, he'd make the first check
Along the meadows, pastures, alleyways;
Through the woods, up and down the road,
Especially the line fences.

Henri-Vincent Gosselin writes about Memories of Korean War
"As I celebrate and pondered Veterans Day on November 11, I received an article from one of our esteemed writers, Henry Gosselin. I felt strongly that even though this issue would be published three weeks after Veterans Day, on December 1, it would be appropriate to let our readers ponder on Henry's thoughts about war and its casualties". (Ed.)
"North Korea makes demands at 6-nation nuclear talks."
That headline in the daily press, recently, was a strong indication that there is a mounting danger that war is ever present on that peninsula! And there are still American military personnel stationed there - a half century after the war which claimed the lives of several of my fellow-soldiers in some of the fiercest battles at "Heartbreak Ridge".

Charles Remy is a new author to our magazine. Welcome aboard, Charlie. He sends us his first article
    Weekly Column #1 from Chile
CHILE: This is the first of a weekly column that I will be writing from Santiago, Chile, where I am studying for the academic year 2005-2006.
My hope is to share with readers my experiences in a country that is in some ways similar to the United States but in other ways quite different.

Jacques Dunant continue son histoire de la famille Boucher
Il faut prendre garde de ne pas confondre l'île Grosbois, située dans les Îles Percées à Boucherville, avec le fief ou la seigneurie de Grosbois, située sur la rive Nord du lac Saint-Pierre de chaque côté de l'embouchure de la rivière Yamachiche, en amont de Trois-Rivières...

Jacques continues his story of the Boucher family THE FIEFDOM DE GROSBOIS & THE FIEFDOM DE GRANDPRÉ

One must take care in not confusing the seignory de Grosbois situated on the north bank of Saint-Pierre Lake on each side of the mouth of the Yamachiche river, up river from Trois-Rivières with the Island of the same name situated in the saint Lawrence river facing Boucherville...

Suzanne Boivin Sommerville sends us a follow-up to her November article My Dupuis ancestry
After my November article appeared, I had several requests for my Dupuis ancestry, so here it is. I descend from one of the soldiers in the Troops of the Marine, who were sent, beginning in 1683, to defend New France from the renewed attacks by the Iroquois and the threats posed by England...

Charleen Touchette sends us an excerpt from "It Stops with Me: Memoir of a Canuck Girl" TouchArt Books 2004,
    entitled Pépère's Lake
Archie's family was solid Québécois with no pretensions. Pépère did manual labor all his life. He was an honest hard worker, the kind of man who inspired trust and confidence. People went out of their way for Big Archie because they knew he would always be there when they needed him to unclog a drain, snake a toilet on a holiday, or lift a truck out of a ditch...

Réjane Veilleux, R.J.M.
En français     Dina pense à vous 47
Noël, une fête à préparer, une vie à célébrer ! Loin des courses folles dans les Centres commerciaux, préparer Noël, c'est accueillir l' enfant qui vient comme l'ont fait Marie et Joseph. Forcés par les événements, les parents ont dû quitter Nazareth…L'enfant Jésus naîtra à Bethléem…

In English     Dina is Thinking of You 47
Christmas a feast to prepare, a life to celebrate ! Far from the easy shopping in the malls, preparing for Christmas is to welcome the Child who comes like Mary and Joseph did. Forced by the events, the parents had to leave Nazareth …The child Jesus will be born in Bethlehem…

En espagnol     Dina piensa en ti 47
¡Navidad, una fiesta para preparar, una vida a celebrar! Lejos de las locas carreras en los centros comerciales, preparar Navidad es acoger al Niño que viene, como lo hicieron María y José. Forzados por los acontecimientos, los padres tuvieron que salir de Nazareth… El Niño Jesús nacerá en Belén…

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