The Lord's Prayer
in Abenaki
in Comanche

			"The Lord's Prayer" in Abenaki
   Nemit8kusena			   Our Father 
   _________________________	   ___________________________________

   Nemit8kusena spemkik aian,	   Our Father in the above Land,
   s8gm8walmegwadets aliwizian	   Sanctified like a chief is thy name.
   amanta pachi wawittoak	   	   May it be pleasing to our Creator,
   ketebaldamuaw8ganek;		   That we should be forgiven;
   ali kitt8gwak kedelaldamu8gan   Here on earth as we forgive others.
   spemkik dali aliwizian	   	   There in the above land shall it be
   o nobi dali kik		   	   Here the same, here the same
   ali kikt8gwadets.		   On earth may it be obeyed.

   M8milina alemikisgak		   Give us during this day
   nedatasigwiskwaab8nemena;	   Our everyday bread;
   ioba achi anhaldamawiaga	   Also, forgive us
   kag8wiulakeban,		   	   Our transgressions,	
   ali niona anhaldamauak	   	   As we forgive
   kag8wihuhakedebanik;		   Others their transgressions;
   muzak dali chigittawikkak       Do not then allow 
   t8m8ppa uji			   Us to walk over
   saagi-unemihinamega		   Or hurt anyone
   w8walha dakki		   	   Protect us at last
   saaguazu8mina mamajigek.	   From all that is very bad.
   Nialach.			   	   That it may be.

Note - this is not a word for word translation of English, 
but is the text of the prayer as it has been said at Odanak 
for many years. See below for translations of particular words. 
These notes from Cecile Wawanolet.
For the "Alnobak" album, Jesse wrote music, and we adapted 
the prayer to a shorter version.(Marge Bruchac)

	Nemit8gwes = my father
	spemkik = above land 
	aian = thou art
	s8gm8walmegwadets = sanctified or hallowed
		s8gmo = chief or leader 
		(same as "Sagamore")
	aliwizian = thy name
	amanta = may it please
	ketebaldamuaw8ganek = kingdom or reign
	tebalda = owner/creator/Lord 
		(same as "Tabaldak")
	spemkik dali = above land dwelling in
	io n8bi = here the same
	daki kik = on earth
	ali kikt8gwadets = may it be obeyed
	m8mlina = give us
		(same as "mili" give)
	alemekisgak = during this day
		kisgak = today
	nedatasigiskwa = our everyday
	ab8nemena = bread
	ioba achi anhaldamauak = also, forgive us
		anhaldamawin = to forgive
	kag8wiulakeban = our trespasses
	muzak = do not
	Nialach = that it may be

The Lord's Prayer in the Comanche language

Que Dieu nous bénisse!
May God bless us!

Mozmozik Odiozon Kinikinik Volcanda Kottliwi Kwahliwi Tapsiwi.
May the Great Spirit and The Great Creator Bless Us and Smile upon Us.

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