of   GERMAIN  SAVOIE   ***
and   MARIE  BRAULT   ***
Marriage:  Before 1694-12-31   

Children married before 1800 :
Sex Date of marriage First name of the child
  Place of marriage Name of the spouse
f 1711-04-26 MARIE MADELEINE 
  Port-Royal  (Couple)   RENE    BABINEAU
f 1727-10-14 MARIE JOSEPHE 
  Acadie  (Couple)   JEAN BAPTISTE    POIRIER
f 1708-01-18 MARIE 
  Acadie  (Couple)   RENE    BLANCHARD
m 1707-11-23 FRANCOIS 
  Acadie  (Couple)   MARIE    RICHARD

Marie BREAU dit VINCELOTTE, daughter of Vincent BREAU (BROT) & Marie BOURG was born around 1662, listed as 9 years old in the Port-Royal Census 1671. She married Germain SAVOIEaround 1678 in Port-Royal. Marie died on 23 and was buried in Port-Royal on 24 Oct 1749 at the age of 90.

Germain SAVOIE, the son of François SAVOIE & Catherine LEJEUNE, was born around 1654. He died after Dec 1729.

Marie & Germain had 12 children: Germain, François, Marie, Pierre, Jean, Marie-Madeleine, Marie, Paul, Claude, Charles, Marie-Josèphe, Marguerite. All the children married in Port-Royal. Several of the children ended up in Massachusetts as a result of the deportation, but later returned to Québec.

Vincent BREAU was born around 1631; he was a ploughman. He married Marie Bourg around 1661 in Port-Royal. He died between Nov 1684 and Jan 1686. Marie BOURG, daughter of Antoine BOURG & Antoinette LANDRY, was born around 1645. She died in Port-Royal and was buried on 19 Sept 1730 at the age of about 86 years.

Stephen A. White, Dictionnaire généalogique des familles acadiennes, Université de Moncton, 1999, pp. 270-271 & 1457-1458.

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