Marriage:  Before 1690-12-31   

Children married before 1800 :
Sex Date of marriage First name of the child
  Place of marriage Name of the spouse
m 1713-07-11 RENE 
  Acadie  (Couple)   ANNE    BELOU BLEAU
m 1719-11-28 JEAN BAPTISTE 
  Beaubassin  (Couple)   CECILE    GAUDET
f 1719-01-10 MARGUERITE 
  Acadie  (Couple)   FRANCOIS    ARSENAULT
f Before 1716-05-16 MARIE 
    (Couple)   GUILLAUME    GIROUARD
m Before 1760-02-25 JOSEPH 
    (Couple)   MARGUERITE    ARSENAULT  (Second marriage)
f 1719-10-02 ANNE 
  Acadie  (Couple)   JOSEPH    POIRIER

Note: In Stephen A. White's Dictionnaire généalogique des familles acadiennes (p. 126), there are 8 children listed: René dit Renochet, born around 1690 & died around 1757; Joseph, born around 1692 and died in 1693; Marie dit Renochet, born around 1693; Jean-Baptiste, born around 1696 and died on 18/19 Dec 1757; Anne, died before 15 Feb 1762; Marguerite born between 1696 & 1703; Joseph, born after the Census 1703, first marriage to Marie-Joseph GAUDET around 1729; and Michel, born after the Census 1703, married Marie BRASSEUR 20 Jun 1729 in Grand-Pré, second marriage to Anne BABINEAU before the Census 1763. (NAL)

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