Couple   (Family)
Marriage:  Before 1701-12-31   

Children married before 1800 :
Sex Date of marriage First name of the child
  Place of marriage Name of the spouse
m 1711-10-12 MICHEL 
  Grand-Pré  (Couple)**   MADELEINE    LEBLANC
m 1727-02-24 CHARLES 
m 1735-06-20 JACQUES 
  Ile-St-Jean  (Couple)   MARIE JOSEPHE    BOUDREAU

Stephen A. White's, Dictionnaire généalogique des familles acadiennes, Vol II H-Z, page791-792, lists the following for this family:

Michel HACHÉ (LARCHÉ) dit GALLANT, son of Pierre HACHÉ & a Native American was in Acadie in 1662 and baptized in Trois-Rivières on 24 April 1668 at 8 years old. He is listed as "fils d'un Français et d'une Esquimaude" - "son of a Frenchmen and an Eskimo". In Beaubassin Cesus 1686, Michel, age 22 years old, was a domestique for Michel Le Neuf de La Vallière. He was a navigator, captain of Port-Lajoie and a carpenter. He married Anne CORMIER around 1690. He was buried in Port-Lajoie on 17 July 1737.

Anne CORMIER, daughter of Thomas CORMIER & Marie-Madeleine GIROUARD, was born around 1674. She died in île St-Jean.

There had 12 children:

i. Michel dit Gallant was born around 1691. He married Madeleine LE BLANC, daughter of Jacques LE BLANC & Catherine HÉBERT on 12 Oct 1711 in Grand Pré. He was buried, at age 73, on 11 Sept 1765 in Ste-Croix de Bordeaux.

ii. Joseph dit GALLANT was born around 1693. He married Marie GAUDET, daughter of Pierre GAUDET & Cécile MIGNOT on 27 July 1721 in Beaubassin. He died between 22 Oct 1743 and 14 Nov 1747.

iii. Marie dit GALLANT was born around 1694. She first married François POIRIER, son of Michel POIRIER & Marie BOUDROT on 27 Nov 1715 in Beaubassin. She then married René RASSICOT, son of Jean RASSICOT & Marguerite CRONIER on 31 Oct 1729 in Port-Lajoie. He died before 16 Setp 1749 in île St-Jean.

iv. Jean-Baptiste dit GALLANT was born around 1696. He married Anne-Marie/Marie-Anne GENTIL, daughter of Élie GENTIL & Cécile MARTIN on 20 Feb 1719 in Beaubassin. He died bebore the Census 1752.

v. Charles dit GALLANT was born in 1698. He married Geneviève LAVERGNE, daughter of Pierre LAVERGNE & Anne BERNON on 24 Feb 1727 in Port-Royal.

vi. Pierre dit GALLANT was born around 1701. He married Cécile LAVERGNE, daughter of Pierre LAVERGNE & Anne BERNON around 1726. He died before 3 June 1760.

vii. Anne was born around 1703. She married Joseph PRÉTIEUX, son of Joseph PRÉTIEUX & Anne GAUTROT on 30 Jan 1739 in Beaubassin. She is listed in 1759 as 50 years old, on the Arrival List at St-Malo, France. She died on 3 and was buried on 4 Aug 1763 in St-Énogat.

viii. Marguerite Was born around 1705. She first married Pierre JACQUEMIN dit LORRAINE, widower of Marguerite PINET around 1725. She then married Robert HANGO dit CHOISY, son of Robert HANGO dit CHOISY & Étienne DESROCHES, on 10 Jan 1739 in Port-Lajoie. She died at sea around 13 Dec 1758 in the shipwrech of the Violet during the crossing to France.

ix. François dit GALLANT was born around 1707. He married Anne BOUDROT, daughter of François BOUDROT & Jeanne LANDRY on 20 Jun 1735 in Port-LaJoie.

x. Marie-Madeleine was born around 1710 in Beaubassin. She married Pierre DUVAL, son of Jacques DUVAL & Renée MASSIN on 31 Jan 1733 in Port-Lajoie. She died at sea in 1758 during the crossing to France.

xi. Jacques dit GALLANT was born 1712. She married Marie-Josèphe BOUDROT, daughter of François BOURDROT & Jeanne LANDRY on 20 Jun 1735 in Port-Lajoie.

xii. Louise was born around 1716. At age 20, she married Louis BELLIVEAU, daughter of Jean BELLIVEAU & Cécile MELANSON, on 20 Jun 1735 in Port-Lajoie. Louis died before 1776, since she is listed as a widow in the Miquelon Census 1776. She died, at age 65, on 20 Oct 1779 in St-Nicolas e La Rochelle, France.

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