Twelfth generation
Pierre COUC married MITE8AMEG8K8E on 16 April 1657 in Trois-Rivières. (2)

Eleventh generation
Marie Angélique COUC married François MONTOUR DELPÉE dit ST-CERNY on 30 August 1682 in Sorel. (3)

Tenth Generation
Louis MONTOUR-DELPÉE married Élisabeth Isabelle Marie SICARD CARUFEL on 27 July 1729 in Trois-Rivières. (4)

Ninth generation
Marie Louise MONTOUR-DELPÉE dit ST-CERNY married Jean Baptiste ROSSE dit ROSE before 12 July 1764 in Maskinongé, Québec. Jean Baptiste was an immigrant, probably from Scotland. Marie Louise was born 1747 somewhere in Québec. (5)

Eighth generation
Guillaume Ross was born 4 Dec and baptized 20 Dec 1768 in Maskinongé. He married Théotiste DUPUY dit DUPUIS on 30 April 1792 in Maskinongé. (6)(7)

Seventh generation
Jacque ROSS married Brigitte DEZIEL on 10 May 1829 in Maskinongé. (1)

Sixth generation
Esther ROSS married Octave DROLET on 18 November 1844 in Maskinongé. (1)

Fifth generation
George DROLET married Sophranie POITEVIN dit POTVIN on 12 October 1874 in Winooski, Vermont. (1)

Fourth generation
Flora DROLET married Joseph DESJARDINS on 24 April 1894 in Burlington, Vermont. (1)

Third generation
Stella Arlene DESJARDINS dit GARNER was born 19 November 1896 in Winooski, Vermont. She married Joseph Adelard CHAPERON on 16 August 1915 in Burlington, Vermont. Joseph was born 5 March 1894 in Winooski, Vermont. He on died 21 June 1962 in Boston, Massachusetts. Stella died on 17 May 1970 in Stoughton, MA. (1)

Second Generation
Pauline Lorretta CHAPERON was born on 16 August 1924 in Burlington, Vermont. She married Harold Ernest YOUNG on 24 September 1942 in Boston, Massachusetts. Her daughter Denice's father was William KNOWLING. (1)

First generation
Denice Lorraine YOUNG was born on 29 November 1943 in Boston, Massachusetts. She married Michael Eugene SWEENEY on 23 July 1960 in Boston, Massachusetts. Michael was born on 7 April 1941 in Boston, MA. (1)

Michael SWEENEY, Jr. was born on 28 January 1962 in Boston, Massachusetts. (1)

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