Claude ROBILLARD was born around 1650 in the vicinity of Rouen in Normandie, France. At the age of 14, he left the port of LaRochelle, France on a boat headed for New France in 1663. He became an apprentice farmer to Robert Giffard in Beauport. He was confirmed in 1664 by the bishop, Monseigneur de Laval. In 1966, he became an apprentice with Denis Duquet in Pointe-Lévy. He was granted his first piece of land, in Champlain on 24 November 1669. (10)(9)(11)(12)

His first marriage was to Marie BINARD.

His second marriage was to Marie GRANDIN before 31 December 1673. Marie was a "fille du roi, de Normandie(3)

Marie GRANDIN was baptized 1651. She was the widow of Michel MOREL, whom she married on 18 January 1671. Their son François MOREL married Marie MOISAN on 5 November 1696 in Montréal. She died on 31 October 1708 in Montréal. (4)(1)

Children of this second marriage:

Joseph ROBILLARD was baptized 1on 3 April 1689 in Montréal. He married Marguerite BASINET BAZINET-TOURBLANCHE on 20 April 1711 in Pointes-aux-Trembles, Québec. He was a Captain in the Militia. (3)(1)(2)

Adrien ROBILLARD was baptized on 9 October 1679 in Champlain. He married Domitilde SACATCHI8C8A, an Algonquin, before 4 January 1721. He died on 4 January 1721 in Kaskakia.(1)(3)(5)

Nicolas was baptized in Montréal on 2 August 1684. He married Marie-Françoise CECIRE on 28 April 1709 in Lachine. He was buried on 11 August 1751 in Bout-de-l'Île. (3)(1)

Marie-Thérèse was baptized in Montréal on 5 Septembeer 1686. Her first marriage was to Jean-Baptiste MOISAN in Montréal on 19 October 1701. Her second marriage was to Pierre CAMPEAU 5 April 1732 in Montréal. She was buried 11 Nov 1759 in Lachine. (3)(1)

Pierre was baptized on 28 September 1692 in Montréal. His first marriage was to Marie-Catherine COUTU/COTTU on 5 November 1715. His second marriage was to Thérèse COLIN in Montréal on 25 June 1744 in St-Sulpice. He died on 31 January 1750 in Lavaltrie. (7)(3)(8)(1)

Marie Jeanne Anne married Joseph TROTTIER on 9 November 1688 in Montréal. (3)

Claude married Angélique CECIRE on 17 October 1701 in Lachine. (3)

Claude's third marriage was to Françoise GUILLIN on 27 January 1709 in Montréal. Françoise was the widow of André TRAJOT. She was a fille du roi. (6)

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