Joseph-Edouard ROBILLARD was born on 13 July 1894 at St-Sulpice, the son of Laurent-Alfred ROBILLARD & Herminie GIGUÈRE. He first married Ida BEAUCHAMP on 28 April 1914. His second marriage was to Florina RIVARD on 13 February 1926 in the Chapelle du Sacré-Coeur de l'Immaculée-Conception, in Montréal. (2)



Roland died at an early age.

Roger was born on 13 June 1916 and died in 1942.

Annette was born on 30 January 1917.

Rose was born on 28 January 1919. She married Marcel RICHARD. She died on 10 July 1998 in Montréal. (3)

Rita was born on 11 January 1921. She married Roasaire CÔTÉ. She died on 15 January 1997. (1)  (3)

Florina RIVARD


Raymond was born on 20 February 1928 and married Jeannine LIMOGES on 26 December 1949 in the Chapelle du Sacré-Coeur de l'Immaculée-Conception, Montéal. (2)

Dolorès was born on 25 January 1935 and married André BENOIT on 30 August 1958 in the Paroisse Notre-Dame du Rosaire, Montréal. (2)

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