Generation No. 1

PIERRE ROBERT born abt 1580 in Breuilaufa, Haute Vienne, Angoumois, France. He married LEONNE RIMBAULT around 1600 in France. She was born around 1580.

Child of Pierre Robert and Leonne Rimbault is:
André Robert was born n 1607 and died 5 Sep 1663.

Generation No. 2

ANDRÉ ROBERT was born in 1607 in Breuilaufa, Haute Vienne, Angoumois. France, and died 5 Sep 1663 in Carre-Four-de-Cognehors, La Rochelle, Anuis, France. He married CATHERINE BONAIN/BOUIN on 20 Feb 1629 in Ste. Margueritte. (1)

Notes for André Robert:
André was a merchant and owner of a cabaret called Lion d'Argent on Rue Rainbault, parish of Notre Dame. He married twice:
    He first married CATHERINE BONAIN at Ste-Margueritte on 20 Feb 1629.
    He then married GILLET GUILLET, wide of JEAN BEAUMONT in Notre Dame on 22 Jun 1648 .

Louis Robert dit Lafontaine was born 12 Dec 1638 in Ste-Margueritte, France. He died 1 Jan 1710/11 in Boucherville, Québec, Canada.

Generation No. 3

LOUIS ROBERT dit LAFONTAINE was born 12 Dec 1638 in Ste-Margueritte, La Rochelle, France and died 1 Jan 1710/11 in Boucherville, Québec, Canada. He married MARGARET BOURGERY on 25 Nov 1666 in Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada. Margaret was the daughter of JEAN BAPTISTE BOURGERY & MARIE GENDRE. She was born 10 Apr 1654 and died 26 Sep 1719. (1)

Notes on Louis Robert dit Lafontaine
His birth is given as 11 Dec 1633 by Godbout who lists his godparents as René Charbonneau & Lumine Denisere. His marriage contract was witnessed by C. Ameau #10. René Jetté gives his birth date as listed and his marrage date as 25 Jan 1666. He was a cordonnier (shoemaker) aka Lapomeray.

Notes for Margueritte Bourgery: Marriage to Nicolas Leblanc was annulled 17 Jun 1664.

Prudent Robert dit Lafontaine, born 12 Jun 1686 in Boucherville, Québec, Canada. He married Madeleine FAFARD in 1711 in Fort Detroit.
Jacques married Angélique PTOLOMÉE in 1698 in Lachine.
Jacques married Jeanne DUMETS in 1718 in Boucherville.
Jospeh married Josephte LARRIVÉE in 1701 in Boucherville. (6)

Generation No. 4

PRUDENT ROBERT LAFONTAINE was born 12 Jun 1686 in Boucherville, Québec, Canada and died 1 May 1735 in Chambly. He married MADELEINE FAFARD DELORME on 7 Jan 1711 in Fort Detroit, daughter of FRANÇOIS FAFARD and MARIE MADELEINE JOBIN. Madeleine was born 1691 and died 6 Dec 1754. (1)

Pierre ROBERT married Françoise VIGEANT in 1748 in Chambly.
Louis married Marie LEBEAU in 1750 in Chambly. (6)

Generation No. 5

PIERRE ROBERT DIT LAFONTAINE was born 19 Jan 1722 in Chambly, Québec, Canada. He married FRANÇOISE VIGEANT on 5 Feb 1748 in St-Joseph de Chambly, Québec, Canada, daughter of JEAN VIGEANT LAROSE & MARIE-ANN PERRIER. She was born 10 Jul 1725, and died 7 Oct 1756 in Chambly. (1)

Witnesses at Marriage were: Madeleine Delorme, mother of Pierre; Jean Vigeant, father of Françoise; François Massé, brother in law of Pierre; Antoine Robert, brother; Louis Vigeant, brother; Jean Solomon Renaudet; Father Carpentier.

Jean Amable ROBERT, was born 2 Aug 1758. He married Agathe DUGUÉ in 1780 in Chambly.
Pierre married Marie Louise DUFAULT in 1781 in Chambly. (6)

Generation No. 6

JEAN AMABLE ROBERT was born August 02, 1758. He married AGATHE DUGUAY/DUGUÉ on 17 Jan 1780 in St-Joseph de Chambly, Québec. Agathe was the daughter of Pierre DUGUÉ & Marie THOMAS. (1)(2)

Anne ROBERT married Jean-Baptiste LEMAIRE in 1808 in Chambly.
Charles married Adélaide PONTON in 1823 in St-Mathias.
Jean-Amable married Marguerite VIAU in 1810 in Chambly. (6)

Generation No. 7

ANNE ROBERT was born on 2 Jan 1789. She married JEAN BAPTISTE LEMAIRE on 1 Aug 1808 in St-Joseph de Chambly, Québec. Jean was the son of JEAN BAPTISTE LEMAIRE & MADELEINE DARCHE. (2)

Childen of Anne Robert and Jean Baptiste Lemaire wer:

ii. LUCILLE LEMAIRE married THEODORE GRAVEL on 29 Jan 1839 in Chambly, Québec, Canada
v. LÉON LEMAIRE was born 1 Aug 1808 in Chambly, Québec, Canada. married SUZANNE ROSE 5 Jun 1843 in Curran, Ontario, Canada.
vi. ÉLIZABETH LEMAIRE married JEAN BAPTISTE COURTEMANCHE on 28 Oct 1845 in Chambly, Québec, Canada.
vii. HERMINE LEMAIRE married LOUIS GARIEPY on 4 Apr 1849 in Chambly, Québec, Canada.
viii. JEAN BAPTISTE LEMAIRE married MARGUERITTE AUDET on 30 April 1839 in Chambly, Québec, Canada.
ix. LOUISE LEMAIRE was born about 1820

Generation No. 8

EMMANUEL LEMAIRE/LEMOINE was born 1 Aug 1808 in Chambly, Québec, Canada. He married ESTHER BEIQUE-LAFLEUR on 22 Sept 1829 in Chambly, daughter of CHARLES BEIQUE LAFLEUR & MARIE BATTU. She was born about 1808 in Chambly, Québec, Canada. (2)

In the 1842 Canadian Census Emmanuel is listed as "rentier" i.e. person of independant means, and a teamster. They lived in the parish of St-Mathias. They had six children.


i. EMMANUEL LEMAIRE was on 22 Sep 1829 in Chambly, Québec
ii. ÉLIZABETH LEMAIRE was born about 1833. She first married LOUIS GONZAGUE DAVIGNON on 7 Feb 1853 in St-Mathias, Rouville, Québec, Canada. She then married ALPHONSE BOIVIN, the son of MICHEL & MARGUERITTE JEANNETOT on 1 Feb 1853.
iii. ESTHER LEMAIRE was born in 1853. She married JEAN BAPTISTE JANNETOT on 1 Feb 1853 in St-Mathias, Rouville, Québec, Canada.
iv. MARIE LOUISE LEMAIRE was born about 1848. She married LOUIS BESSETTE on 21 Nov 1865 in St-Mathias, Québec, Canada
v. THÉODORE LEMAIRE was born about 1839
vi. MARGUERITTE LEMAIRE married LOUIS LUSIGNAN in 1866 in St-Mathias, Québec.

Generation No. 9

EMMANUEL LEMAIRE was born 22 Sep 1829 in Chambly, Québec, Canada. He married RACHEL DUPRAS, daughter of Nicolas Dupras & Josephte Stebbens, on 8 Oct 1850 at St-Mathias, Comté Rouville, Québec. Rachel was born in 1823 and died 10 Mar in 1886 in Magog, Québec, Canada. He married, a second time to ADELINE FONTAINE, daughter of ABRAHAM FONTAINE & ELEONORE MOISEAU, on 1 Sept 1887 at St. Patrick's Church in Magog, Canada. (7)(4)(5)


i. EMMANUEL LEMAIRE was born 10 May 1852 in St-Mathias, Rouville, Québec, Canada. He came to live in Lowell, Massuchetts in 1889. He married JOSEPHINE PETRIN in Providence, Rhode Island on 22 Jul 1893.
ii. PIERRE LEMAIRE was born about 1882 in Magog, Québec. He married LUCIE GIRARDon 29 Sep 1913.
iii. LÉON LEMAIRE was born Dec 1859 in St-Mathias, Rouville. He married MARIE-VICTORIA VINCELETTE on 23 Jun 1884 at Notre Dame de Bonsecours, Québec, Canada. Marie-Victoria was born in 1862 in Isle Lamotte, Grande Isle, Vermont. She died 31 Jul 1947 in Northfield, MA. Léon died 19 Apr 1918 Turner Falls, MA.

Generation No. 10

PIERRE LEMAIRE was born about 1882 in Magog, Québec Canada. He married LUCIE GIRARD on 29 Sep 1913 in St-Zothique Church in Montréal. Lucie was the daughter of ISRAEL GIRARD & LAISE HENAULT. Lucie was born Sept 1891 in St-Guillaume, Québec. Israel Girard & Laise Henault had other children: CYRILLE, ALEXANDRE, SEMERY and BERTHE. They lived on a farm in St-Guillaume.


MARIE GERTRUDE MELANISE LEMAIRE was born 22 Mar 1916. She married ALCIDE ETHIER on 7 Jun 1941 in Montréal.

Generation No. 11

MARIE GERTRUDE MELANISE LEMAIRE was born 22 Mar 1916 in Montréal, Québec, Canada, in the parish, St-Zothique. She married ALCIDE ETHIER at the Baptist Church of the Oratory in Montréal on 7 Jun 1941. He was the son of ADELARD ETHIER & BERTHE GIRARD;Berthe was the daughter of ISRAEL GIRARD & LAISE HENAULT. Berthe Ethier and Lucie Girard were sisters. Alcide was born on 13 Oct 1918 in Montréal, Canada. He died in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in 1956 at age 42 years. Gertrude came to live with her daughter Louise-Andrée in the U.S.A. in 1965 as permanent residents; the port of entry was Plattsburg, New York. Gertrude then married JOHN SANDS HERRITY of New York City. John was born 5 Nov 1903, the son of DR. JOHN EDWAD HERRITY of New Haven Conn. Their marriage is unclear: 1st 1957 in Montréal; 2nd. in New York City.


Generation No. 12

LOUISE-ANDRÉE ETHIER aka SUNDANCE was born 24 Feb 1944 in Verdun, Québec.

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