Online Course: Intro to Genealogy

Lesson Five Resource List

Online Resources

Pension Application Files Resources

U. S. National Archives. E-mail request for NATF Form 80.

    E-mail address from which you can order copies of NATF Form 80, “Order for Copies of Veterans Records.”

U.S. National Archives. Military Service Records.

    Online version of the National Archives microfilm catalog of pension application files and indexes.

U. S. National Archives. National Archives Microfilm Rental Program.

    Instructions for borrowing microfilmed Revolutionary War pension application files directly or through a library.

Vital Records Resources

OHGenWeb Project. Ohio Vital Record Data.

    For each Ohio county, the earliest date of death and probate records available.

United States Vital Records Information.

    Vital records addresses for each county. Some county listings include the dates of available death records and the cost of copies.

Miscellaneous Resources

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Welcome to the Family History Center™ and Where Is the Nearest Family History Center?™

    Description of the resources available at LDS Family History Centers and by rental from the LDS Family History Library. These resources include microfilmed census, church, death, and probate records, deeds, and tombstone inscriptions. List, state by state, of the larger Family History Centers in the United States with their telephone numbers. LDS Family History Centers are open to the public.

A “Perpetual” Calendar.

    Perpetual calendar that lets you find the day of the week for any date or the date for a day in a specific week in the 1800s and 1900s.

USGenWeb Project.

    Site from which the fifty state GenWeb projects can be accessed. An individual state project can be accessed directly by adding the two-letter state abbreviation to the USGenWeb address, e.g., OHGenWeb Project <>. These state projects will eventually have pages for each county. Some county pages provide information on the availability of death records and other records that provide death information.

U.S. Geological Survey. Geographic Names Information System.

    Online database from which you can obtain a list of cemeteries in a county, although the list may not be complete. Includes a link to maps produced from the U.S. Census Bureau's Tiger Map Server.

Online Records

Death Records

KYGenWeb Project. Greenup County, Kentucky Deaths from Vital Statistics - 1852.

    Transcribed Greenup County, Kentucky, death records for the year 1852.

OHGenWeb Project. Meigs County. Meigs County [Ohio] Deaths.

    Meigs County death records from the years 1866-1908 transcribed from microfilm of the original records (FHL film #313469).

USGenWeb FTP Site. Pennsylvania. Cumberland County [Pa.] Death Records, 1852-55.

    Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, death records, 1852-1855, compiled from unspecified sources at the Cumberland County Courthouse and the Pennsylvania State Archives.

Memphis/Shelby County Public Library. Memphis Death Registers, 1848-1901: Description.

    Descriptions of information recorded in six volumes of death registers for Memphis, Tennessee, 1848-1901.

Mortality Schedules

1850 Lawrence County [Ohio] Mortality Schedule.

    Transcription of the schedule of those who died in Lawrence County, Ohio, during the twelve-month period preceding the 1850 census day (1 June) that includes the person’s age, gender, birthplace, month of death, and cause of death.

Newspaper Death Notices

NCGenWeb Project. Anson County. Marriage and Death Notices from The North Carolina ARGUS Newspaper.

    Abstracts from The North Carolina Argus that include death notices. Although the title on the web page indicates the abstracts cover issues from 14 November 1848 through 16 March 1850, the abstracts actually cover issues through 14 August 1859.

Social Security Death Index

Ancestry. Social Security Death Index.

    Online database of persons who died while receiving Society Security benefits, which includes the person’s Social Security number, state in which the number was issued, date of birth, date of death, last residence by zip code, city, county, and state, and, if different, place to which lump sum payment was made by zip code, city, county, and state.

Ancestry. Social Security Death Index FAQs.

    Information about use of the online Social Security Death Index.

Tombstone Inscriptions

USGenWeb FTP Site. Virginia. Campbell County. Dixon Family Cemetery, Campbell Co., VA.

    Transcriptions of tombstone inscriptions in the Dixon Family Cemetery near Rustburg, Campbell County, Virginia.