Régistre des Mariages faits aux Trois-Rivières, B.C.
depuis le 6 Mai 1654 jusqu'au 30 Mai 1677
Register of Marriages carried out in Trois-Rivières, Bas Canada
from May 1654 up until May 30 1677

November 1656 to November 1657

There are eight marriages listed on these two pages of the Marriage Register of Trois-Rivières, from November of 1656 and November 1657. All are listed in Latin, the church's official language and used at that time in all parish registers.

The first entry is between François FAFARD, son of Jean FAFARD & Antoinette LEVERDIER, and Marie RICHARD, daughter of Simon RICHARD & Catherine CONSTANCINELLA, on 5 November 1656.

The second entry, dated 13 November 1656 is between Élie BOURBAUT, son of Eliam (Élie) BOURBAUT & Marguerita (Marguerite) RENAULT, and Joannes (Jeanne) SAUVAGET, daughter of Joannis (John) SAUVAGET & Anna (Anne) DUPUY.

The third marriage entry listed on the first page is between Pierre COUC dit LaFleur, son of Nicolai (Nicolas) COUC and Élizabeth TEMPLAIR from Cognac, France and Marie MITE8AMEG8K8E, of the Algonquin Nation, dated 16 April 1657. Refer to the document Marriage 1657 for a translation (by Jean Quintal).

The fourth entry is the marriage between Étienne MAGOUCH (Mag8ch) of Nepissingue origin and Marguerite TCHI8ANT8K8E (TCHIOUANTOUKOUE) of Ousagahiganiriniouensen origin as stated in Marriage Certificate No. 89037 of PRDH. Father Paul RAGUENEAU, S.J., was the officating priest at their marriage which took place on April 16, 1657, the same date as Pierre COUC and Marie MITE8AMEG8K8E.

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There are four marriages listed on this second page.

The fifth entry, dated 14 May 1657 is between Jacques FOURNYER, son Michael FOURNYER & Michelle CROIEN, and Marguerite CREVIER, daughter of Christophe CREVIER & Joanna (Jeanne) EVRART (HEVARD).

The sixth entry, dated 6 August 1657, is between Eliam (Élie) HANCTIN, son of Robert HANCTIN & Marguerite AUCQUETON, and Susanne DUVAL, daughter of Pierre DUVAL & Élisabeth RAVELLE DUVAL.

The seventh entry, dated 5 November 1657, is between Claude JUTRAT dit LAVALLÉE, son of Pierre JUTRAT & Claudia BOUCHER, and Élisabeth RADISSON, daughter of Pierre Esprit RADISSON & Magadeleine HAINAULT.

The eighth and last entry on this page is dated 19 November 1657. The marriage is between Jacques MÉNARD, son of Joannes (Jean) MÉNARD & Anne SAVINELLE, and Catherine FORTIER, daughter of Joannes (Jean) FORTIER & Juliana (Julienne) COIFFES.

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Marriage 1657                  D296
Postcript: I am in the process of examining more closely each of these entries in order to decipher the Latin. When that is done, I'll translate the Latin into English. (Norm L.)
This copy of the original Register was sent to me by my good friend Jean Quintal, who received it from the Archives de l'Amérique française, Musée de la civilisation, in Québec. Merci bien, Jean!