Burial Certificate
Jean Baptiste Salvas
Died on 3 and buried on 5 May 1883
in St-Robert de Richelieu, Québec

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S. 11

Le cinq Mai mil huit cent quatre-vingt trois, Nous prêtre
soussigné avons inhumé dans le cimetière de cette paroisse
le corps de Jean Baptiste Salvas sentier, époux de feue Jeanne
Houle, décédé l'avant veille à l'âge de quatre vingt neuf ans
Présents à l'inhumation Jean Baptiste Salvas son fils, Olivier
Salvas son frère et plusieurs autres qui n'ont su signer.
[Signatures]   O. Pelletier,ptre


The fifth May one thousand eight hundred eighty-three, We the
undesigned priest buried in the cemetery of this parish
the body of Jean Baptiste Salvas trustee, husband of the deceased Jeanne
Houle, who did two days ago at the age of eighty-nine years
Present at the burial were Jean Baptiste Salvas his son, Olivier
Salvas his brother and many others who did not know how to sign.
[Signatures]   O. Pelletier, prst

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