Burial Certificate
Joseph Lavallée Vallée
Died on 24 and buried 25 May 1812
in Ste-Geneviève de Berthierville, Co. Berthier, Québec

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quatorzième feuillet


L'an mil huit cent douze, le vingt cinq mai par
moi prêtre soussigné a été inhumé le corps de Joseph
Lavallé époux de Gertrude Mérau décédé hier muni
des sacraments agé de soixante huit ans. Etaient présents
Joseph Lavallé son fils, Joseph Dubau et Jean Marie
Boucher le gendre qui ne faisant écrire.
[Signatures]   Pouget, ptre


The year one thousand eight hundred twelve, the twenty-fifth May by
me the undersigned priest was buried the body of Joseph
Lavallé husband of Gertrude Mérau who died yesterday fortified
with the sacraments at the age of sixty-eight years. Were present
Joseph Lavallé his son, Joseph Dubau and Jean Marie
Boucher his son-in-law who did not know how to write.

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