Jean Baptiste Maheu - Burial

Jean Baptiste Maheu
Died and buried on 10 May 1717

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Jean Baptiste
Le dixième May 1717, nous curé soussigné, a été dans le cimetière de Beauport, enterré Jean Baptiste fils de Pierre Maheu et de Suzanne Giroux du dit lieu, décédée la nuit à un jeune âge d'environs un an que font Charles Turgeon Chambry, signé
[Signatures] Boullard, prêtre

The tenth May 1717, we the undersigned pastor, was buried in the cemetery of Beauport, Jean Baptiste son of Pierre Maheu and of Suzanne Giroux of the said location, who died during the night at a young age of about one year, who were there Charles Turgeon Chambry, signed
[Signatures] Boullard, priest

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The above graphic is a copy of a page, photographed in the Greffe (Clerk's office) of Québec, of the 1717 parish register of Notre-Dame de Beauport, retrieved from the Drouin database, at the ACGS - American-Canadian Genealogical Society - of Manchester, NH.