Baptismal Certificate
Cyrille Bellenger Bélanger
Born on and Baptized on 3 April 1839
in Ste-Marie de Beauce, Québec

Please note: There apparently are no records of Cyrille Bélanger's baptism in Ste-Marie de Beauce. However, we do know that he married in 1859 in St-Bernard de Dorchester. His Death Certificate from Coventry, Rhode Island indicates that he was 79 years when he died on 1 June 1918 in the village of Harris, Coventry, RI. Listed on the Death Certificate was the age at time of death: 79 years, 1 month, 28 days. This would return to the date of 3 April 1839.

According to the Québec Est Census of 1861, Cyrille Bélanger is listed as 22 years of age. In the Census of 1871, Cyrille is listed as 32 years of age. Refer to Québec Census 1861-1891

A volunteer from the parish of Ste-Marie de Beauce wrote to me indicating that there are no "Cyrille" in any of the Bélanger family records in the Parish Register.

Therefore, my theory is that the priest, who recorded the baptism of four babies born on 3 April 1839, Marcelline ?? and Cyrille Bélanger, mixed up the records - omitting to complete the record of Marcelline with her own facts and inserted Cyrille's data instead.

Or, maybe there were only three babies baptized. When the priest returned to the rectory to inscribe the results of the three ceremonies, he forgot that the third baby was Cyrille and a boy, instead inserting the name Marcelline, and therefore he would have written "née - feminine form" after her name but remembered that the parents were François-Xavier Bélanger and Marguerite Drouin.

There seems to be no further records of any kind for a daughter Marcelline Bélanger, either in Parish Registers or in the Québec Census records.

If you look at the full page of the 1839 Parish Register, on the bottom right side - B 84, B 85 & B 86, you'll notice that there were three babies baptized on 3 April 1839. Maybe there were four and the priest combined Baby 3 Marcelline and Baby 4 Cyrille. Or, maybe only three babies baptized that day! There were two babies, B. 87 & B. 88, baptized on 4 April 1839, on the following "Vingtième feuillet" - twentieth page.

I have shown below B86 what Cyrille's baptismal record would look like. The original Parish Register can be found below, with Marcelline in B 86.

The full pages of the Parish Register
Please note: The correction according to my theory above. (Ed.NAL)

Le trois Avril mil huit cent trente-neuf Nous
prêtre soussigné avons baptisé
Marcelline née le
   ici, le prêtre a mis la famille de François & Marguerite, au lieu des parents de Marcelline ??? .
Donc, je fais la correction.

Cyrille né le
même jour du légitime mariage de François Xavier
Bellenger cultivateur et de Marguerite Drouin
de cette paroisse. Parrain Honoré Drouin. Marraine
Barbe Gervais qui n'ont su signer.
[Signatures]Geo. Denomme, prêtre

April 3 one thousand eight hundred thirty-nine We
the priest who signed below baptized Cyrille born the
same day of the legitimate marriage of François Xavier
Bellenger farmer and of Marguerite Drouin
of this parish. Godfather Honoré Drouin. Godmother
Barbe Gervais who did not know how to sign.
[Signatures] Geo. Denomme, priest

Please note: This is the correction according to my theory of an error made by the priest
in writing the data in the Parish Register of Ste-Marie de Beauce.(Ed. NAL)

The full pages (pp. 19 & 20) of the Original Parish Register

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The above graphic is a copy of a page, photographed in the Greffe (Clerk's office) retrieved from the Drouin database.