Baptismal Certificate
Marie Thérèse Bergeron
Born on 28 and Baptized on 29 June 1782
in St-Michel d'Yamaska, Québec

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L'an mil sept cent quatre vingt deux, le vingt neuf juin par nous
soussigné curé a été baptisée Marie Thérèse née d'hier fille
de Thomas Bergeron et de Marie Thérèse Pelissier son épouse
le parain a été Basile Pelissier et la maraine Jeanne Pelissier - le
parain a signé, les autres ont déclaré ne savoir signer de ce
requis suivant l'ordonnance.
[Signatures]   Basile Pelissier   Fr. Chisosthome Degast, ptre


The year one thousand seven hundred eighty-two, the twenty-ninth June by us
the undersigned pastor was baptized Marie Thérèse born yesterday, daughter
of Thomas Bergeron and of Marie Thérèse Pelissier his wife
the godfather was Basile Pelissier and the godmother Jeanne Pelissier - the
godfather signed, the others declared not knowing how to sign
as required according to the ordinance.
[Signatures]   Basile Pelissier   Fr. Chisosthome Degast, prst

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The above graphic is a copy of a page photographed in the Greffe (Clerk's office) of Québec or from the Parish (above) Register, retrieved from the Drouin database, at the ACGS - American-Canadian Genealogical Society - of Manchester, NH.