Baptismal Certificate
Marie Madelaine Magdeleine Bouchard
Born on 31 May and Baptized on 2 June 1665
in the Paroisse-de-la-Visitation de Notre-Dame, Château-Richer, Québec

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M. Magd

Marie Madelaine fille de Michel Bouchard et
Marie Trotinne ses père et mère naye le diman-
che dernier jour du moys de may a esté baptisée
le second jour du moys de juin. parain Pierre
Gravelle, marainne Madelaine Gagnon.
[Signatures]   Th. Morel, p. miss.


Marie Madelaine daughter of Michel Bouchard and
Marie Trotinne her father and mother born on Sunday
the last day of the month of May was baptized
on the second day of the month of June. Godfather Pierre
Gravelle, godmother Madelaine Gagnon
[Signatures]   Th. Morel, p. miss.

Please note: the year mil six cent soixante et cinq, copied from the entry before and after that of Madeleine, was added at the bottom of the entry by this author. (NAL)

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