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	Pierre Couc-Lafleur who was born around 1624, in Cognac, France 
	and died in April 1690 in St-François-du-Lac.
	He married Marie Mite8ameg8k8e on 16 Apr 1657 
	in Trois-Rivières. Marie was born around 1631-1632. She died 8 Jan 1699 
	in Trois-Rivières. (1)

Madeleine Couc-Lafleur was born around 1669. Before 1684, she married Maurice Ménard who was born on 6 June 1664 in Trois-Rivières and died 9 May 1741 in Cambly.(2)(3)(4)
NINTH GENERATION Marie Madeleine Menard was born around 1691 in Michilimackinac. She died 22 Nov 1756 in Chambly. She married Jean Baptiste Renaudet on 6 May 1717 somwhere in Québec. Jean Baptiste Renaudet was born around 1676 in St-Severin, Archdiocese of Bordeaux, Guyenne France. He died 24 Dec 1759 in Pointe-Olivier (St-Mathias), Québec. (5)(6)(7)(17)
EIGHTH GENERATION Marie Louise Renaudet/Renaudeau was born 20 Jan 1718 in Chambly. She married Michel Brouillet Laviolette on 6 Jun 1735 in St-Joseph, Chambly. They had ten children. Michel Brouillet Laviolette was born in Pointe-aux-Trembles and christened on 27 Dec 1712 in St-Enfant-Jesus, Pointe-aux-Trembles. He died about 1774 at the age of 61. His parents were Bernard Brouillet Laviolette & Marie Chartier. (8)(9)(10)(11)(17)
SEVENTH GENERATION Maurice Michel Brouillet was born 14 July 1740 at Rivière Richelieu and baptized the same day at St. Joseph in Chambly. His godparents were Antoine Ménard, fils, & Marie Joseph Poyer. Michel was at Poste Vincennes as early as 1761 when he received a concession from St. Ange, the commandant of Poste Vincennes. He married Barbe Boneau circa 1772. Michel died in 1797. There is no known marriage record for Michel Brouillet & Barbe Boneau. However, they were listed as the godparents of Felicite St. Germain at her baptismal in the St. François Xavier parish record, Poste Vincennes (Indiana) on 4 February 1771. There was no mention of them being married at that time. But on 14 August 1774, they were listed as the legitimate parents of Michel Brouillet at his baptismal at the same church. (12)(13)(14)(17)
SIXTH GENERATION Michel Brouillet was born on 14 Aug 1774 in Vincennes and was baptized at St-François-Xavier, Vincennes, on 12 Mar 1775. He died on 26 Dec 1838 in Vincennes. He married Marie Louise Drouet de Richerville on 21 Sept 1811 at St-François-Xavier. She was born on 20 Dec and baptized on 28 Dec 1787 at St-François-Xavier. She was buried 28 May 1831 in Vincennes. She was the daughter of Joseph Antoine Drouet de Richerville (1759-1831) & Marie Vaudry (1756- b. 1811). (13)(14)(16)(17)
FIFTH GENERATION Napoléon Paul Brouillet was born 21 July in Vincennes, Indiana and was baptized on 23 July 1821 in St-François-Xavier. He married Thérèse Leocadie Boneau on 19 May 1846 at St-François-Xavier. She was born on 2 Aug 1825 at Cahokia, Illinois and was baptized at Holy Family Church, Cahokia on 19 Feb 1827. She was the daughter of Lambert Boneau (1792-1850) & Marianne Boyer (1805-1837). (13)(14)(16)(17)
FOURTH GENERATION Marie Louise Brouillet was born on 16 Feb 1847 in Vincennes, Indiana and baptized on 7 Mar 1847 in St-François-Xavier. She died 24 Dec 1936 in Vincennes and was buried on 26 Dec 1936 in Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Vincennes. She married Jean/John Bonaparte Page on 23 Apr 1872 at St-François-Xavier. John was born on 13 June 1847 in Vincennes and died there on 3 Nov 1903. He was the son of Jean Baptiste Page (1815-1886) & Elisabeth Mallet (1822-1912).(13)(14)(16)(17)
THIRD GENERATION John Napoleon 'Pikey' Page was born 3 Apr 1878 in Vincennes, Indiana and was baptized 16 May 1878 in St-François. He died 12 May 1937 in Vincennes and was buried 15 May 1937 in Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Vincennes. He married Frances Cecelia Busch on 18 Oct 1905 at St-François, Vincennes. She was born in Vincennes on 30 July 1881 and baptized at St. John the Baptist Church, Vincennes on 31 July 1881. She died in Vincennes on 7 May 1934 and was buried at Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Vincennes. She was the daugher of Charles Shepard & Margaret Busch (1858-1938). (13)(14)(16)(17)
SECOND GENERATION Francis Albert Page was born 5 April 1913 in Vincennes. He was baptized 13 April 1913 in St-François-Xavier. He died 30 Aug 1988 in San Antonio, Texas and was buried 3 Sept 1988 in Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Vincennes. He married Betty May Buskett on 13 Apr 1939 in Evansville, Indiana. Betty May Buskett was born 5 Dec 1919 in Joplin, Missouri and died there on 28 Mar 1994. She was the daughter of Evans Walker Buskett (1874-1952) & May King Holloway (1882-1961). (13)(14)(16)(17)
FIRST GENERATION Robert Evans Page (17)

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