Sachem Charles Pachirini

PACHIRINI, an Algonquin appears as a young warrior wounded who was cared for by Jeanne MANCE at the Hôtel-Dieu in Montréal in March of 1643. He was baptized on 2 April 1643 in Montréal by Father Imbert DUPERON. He was given the Christian name of Charles. A witness was Jeanne MANCE. His fellow tribesmen left for Trois-Rivières. Charles lived here for some time with the two Jesuits of the post and led them to explore the shore that was later to become Laprairie (a Jesuit mission). He rejoined his people at Trois-Rivières and, prior to 1648, became the captain of the Christian Algonquins, even during the life-time of TESSOUEHAT. Sachem Pachirini was the chief of the Weskarini Band of the Algonkin Tribe. He was given a Fiefdom in Trois-Rivières. Montmagny had actually given him, for the use of the Algonquins, a plot with a frontage of four perches and a depth of eight, next to that of the Jesuits where the church was to be built. D'Ailleboust enlarged it and the land was called Pachirini's fief, which is now the Place d'Armes. (19)

Weskarini was an Algonquian tribe that lived on the north side of Ottawa river below Allumettes Island (Morrisson's Island), Québec, with the people of which they appear to be closely associated in the Jesuit Relations. They were known as Petite Nation des Algonquins, Little Nation of the Algonkin." (1)
"The Weskarini Band also known Algonkin Proper, La Petite Nation, Little Nation, Ouaouechkairini, Ouassouarini, Ouescharini, Ouionontateronon (Huron word),Petite Nation were originally localed on the north side of the Ottawa River along the Lièvre and the Rouge Rivers in Québec.
Another band was the "Kichesipirini people of the great river was the largest and most powerful group of Algonkin. Known variously as: Algoumequins de l'Isle, Allumette, Big River People, Gens de l'Isle, Honkeronon (Huron word), Island Algonkin, Island Indians, Island Nation, Kichesippiriniwek, Nation de l'Isle, Nation of the Isle, and Savages de l'Isle. Main village was on Morrison's (Allumette) Island." (2)
Pachirini's group was definitely Algonquine/Algonkin. The Jesuit Paul Ragueneau also served at Sainte-Marie-among-the-Hurons, and the Algonquins were involved in the transfer of furs back to the colony from Huronia.

It appears from PRDH (3) documents that Pachirini had two wives. In any case, he fathered several children with two Algonquin women: Marie 8KI8TIABAN8K8E (Oukioutiabanoukoue - French spelling) and SEHAM8 (Sehamou).

Children with Marie 8KI8TIABAN8K8E (Oukioutiabanoukoue - French spelling):

i. Germain was baptized 14 Feb 1640 in Trois-Rivières. Godparents were Germain LEBARBIER and Madame NICOLET. The officiating priest was Jacques BUTEUX. (4)

ii. Jean Baptiste NE8CIA (Neoucia) was baptized 24 Jun 1642 in Sillery, Québec. Godparents were MARTIAL and Marie Madeleine DEREPENTIGNY. Jesuit Barthelemy VIMOND was the officiating priest. (5)

iii. Marie Madeleine was baptized 17 Nov 1645 in Trois-Rivières. Witnesses were Mr. DELAPORTERIE and his daughter Catherine DELAPORTERIE, with the Jesuit Father Joseph DUPERON officiating. (6)

iv. Isaac was baptized 8 Apr 1649 in Trois-Rivières. Thomas GODEFROY, Marie 8EBADIN8K8 (Oukioueabanaoukoue-French spelling) and her husband Pierre BOUCHER were witnesses. Father Jacques BUTEUX was the officiating priest. (7)

v. Paul was baptized 30 Jun 1654 in Sillery. Agnes APITCHIUM was the only witness, with Jesuit Pierre BAILLOQUET as the officiating priest. (8)

vi. Jeanne was baptized 20 Aug 1656 in Sillery. The two witnesses were MADRY and Marie ASS8BAN. Jesuit Gabriel DRUILLETES was the officiating priest. (9)

v. Noël was born and baptized 27 Dec 1661 in Trois-Rivières. LEMAISTRE was the only witness and Jesuit Claude Jean ALLOUEZ was the officiating priest. (10)

Children with SEHA8 (SEHAMOU - French spelling) were:

1. Mathurine 8KI8AGAMIK8G (Oukiouagamikoug) was baptized 28 Jan 1650 in Trois-Rivières. Jean and Mathurine POISSON were the godparents. The officiating priest was Father JACQUES. (11)

ii. Jean ABAK8AKICH (Abakouakich) was baptized 29 Jan 1650. No godparents listed. Father JACQUES was the officiating priest. (12)

Charles PACHIRINI, Sachem of his clan, served as a witness for other baptisms and marriages both at Trois-Rivières and Sillery.

  • Catherine daughter of AG8ACHTE and 8R8TIN8K8E baptized 18 Oct 1652 in Sillery, by Jesuit Father Pierre BAILLOQUET. The godparents were PACHIRINI and CATHERINE. (13)
  • Paul AK8ITEH8A , son of François KACHITAK8AT8 and Rosalie KI8AGAMIG8K8E was baptized 8 Sep 1655 in Sillery, by Jesuit Father Jean DEQUEN. PACHIRINI and his wife MARIE were the godparents. (14)
  • Jean Baptiste KENT8SAHET, son of Jacques KA8ITAGAMIG8ESKAG and Lucie 8MINISIK8E, was baptized 8 Sep 1655 in Sillery by Jesuit Father Jean DEQUEN. Godparents were Jean Baptiste and PACHIRINI. (15)
  • Marriage of Etienne MAG8CH and Marguerite TCHI8ANT8K8E on 16 Apr 1657 in Trois-Rivières. There were four witnesses: PACHIRINI, Barthelemy ANARA8I, Mr. PÉRÉ and Ameau STSÉVÉRIN, with Father Paul RAGUENEAU as officating priest. (16)
  • Marriage of Pierre COUC and Marie MITE8MEG8K8E 16 Apr 1657 in Trois-Rivières. There were four witnesses: PACHIRINI, Barthelemy ANARA8I, Mr. PÉRÉ and Ameau STSÉVÉRIN, with Father Paul RAGUENEAU as officating priest.(17)
  • Marie EK8E8ICH (Ekoueouitch), sister of Charles PACHIRINI, was confirmed, along with several others of the clan, on 14 Sep 1659 in Sillery. Among those confirmed were: Antoine 8AB8KAIMA, Etienne EITA8IKIGIC, Louis 8INASSAC, Alexis 8SP8AGAN, Vincent 8ARATCHI8ANON, Jeanne KA8ISA8ISTIG8ANCHTICH, Louise 8KI8G8TCHIN8K8E, Christine KACHKAMANIK8ERITCH and Françoise SIHAM. There were several godparents. (17)

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