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A great resource can be found in the Genealogy columnists who publish queries in newspapers. The most recent statistic is that only 10 percent of genealogists are online. Genealogy columnists who print queries in local or regional newspapers provide a great resource. Society journals are another in-print query resource to specifically target your query to the readers interested in a particular locale.

Newspaper queries in advance of a research trip can provide the opportunity to prepare and meet local researchers. Other helpful hints for research trip preparation can be found in the archives of the list.

Take a look at "How to place queries in Canadian and other Northeast newspapers" for the columnists listed for the Boston States Migrations region.

Columnists and other newspaper resources throughout the world can also be found through the following links.

  1. On-line Newspapers

  2. United States Newspaper Program Project & Informational Web Sites Boston Globe

  3. Search Deaths
    Boston Globe online archives contains almost 20 years of articles and obituaries.

  4. Cyndi's List

  5. GenConnect Special Collections

  6. The Boston States Migrations archives

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