Generation No. 11

Pierre COUC dit LAFLEUR was born around 1624, in Cognac, Saintes, Saintonge,(Xaintes, Xaintonge) Charente, France. He married Marie MITE8AMEG8K8E (pronounced: mee-tee-wa-mee-gou-kwee)
on 16 Apr 1657 in Trois-Rivières, Québec.(9) The marriage was witnessed by Ameau STSEVERIN. around 1627 and his death and burial April 1690 in St-François-du-Lac. Marie died on 8 Jan 1699 and was buried in Trois-Rivières, Québec. (1)

Generation No. 10

Marie Madeleine COUC dit LAFLEUR (LEFÈBRE) was born around 1669 in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Québec. She married Maurice MÉNARD dit Lafontaine before 31 Dec 1684.

Generation No. 9

Antoine MÉNARD was baptized on 28 April 1695 at the mission of Ste-Anne, Michilimackinac. He married Marie HUET DULUDE on 7 Jan 1723 in Boucherville. He died 3 and was buried on 4 June 1764 in Chambly. Marie Huet was born on 18 and baptized on 19 Nov 1698 in Boucherville. She died on 8 and was buried on 9 May 1774 in Chambly.(1)

Generation No. 8

Marie Charlotte MÉNARD was born Abt. 1744, and died on 2 and buried on 3 April 1774 in Chambly. She was the adopted daughter of Antoine Ménard and Marie Huet. She married François PATENAUDE on 20 March 1765 in Chambly, Quebec. Alson from PRDH. François, the son of François PATENAUDE & Marie Ursule ACHIM STANDRÉ was born and baptized on 13 Feb 1734 in Longueuil. He died on 3 and buried on 4 August 1795 in Chambly. (1)

Generation No. 7

Jean Baptiste PATENAUDE married Marie Anne LAPOTERIE LAPETERIE GODIN on 5 Jun 1792 in Chambly. (1)(2)

Generation No. 6

Jean Baptiste PATENAUDE married Marie GIROUX on 22 Oct 1821 in St-Phillipe, County Laprairie, Québec. (2)

Generation No. 5

Marie PATENAUDE married Peter (Pierre) SAVAGE SAUVAGE on 5 Nov 1850 in St-Bernard Parish, Lacolle, County St-Jean. (2)

Generation No. 4

Alfred SAVAGE SAUVAGE was born in 1856 in Sorel, Canada, and died on 21 Sep 1924 in Uxbridge, MA. He married Mathilda MORRISON24 Jan 1898. She was born in 1874 in Franklin, MA, and died on 27 Mar 1937 in Uxbridge, MA.

Generation No. 3

Ora Melvina SAVAGE was born on 27 Jan 1904 in Killingly, CT, and died on 19 Nov 1959 in Providence, Rhode Island. She married William Joseph George YORKELL on 22 Aug 1922 in Uxbridge, MA, son of William & Angelina OULLETTE. He was born on 7 Nov 1900, and died on 14 Nov 1987.

Generation No. 2

Ernest Donat YORKELL was born on on 2 May 1929 in Central Falls, RI, and died 7 May 1996 in Chisholm, St Louis county, MN. He married Dolores Amelia MILLER on 8 Jul 1950. She was born on 22 Sep 1930 in East Springfield,OH.

Generation No. 1

Sandra Ann YORKELL, was born on 12 Jul 1951, Pawtucket, RI. She married Gary Robert PARKER on 17 Oct 1970. Gary was born on 20 Aug 1949, Wellsville, NY.

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Resources researched and compliled by Sandra Yorkell; sent in an email January 2010.
(1) PRDH - Programme de recherche en démographie historique - Université de Montréal.
(2) Drouin copies of the Parish Registers in Québec.