1657 - 1987


Marie MITE8AMEG8K8E was born around 1631-1632. She died 8 Jan 1699 in Trois-Rivières. She married on 16 Apr 1657 in Trois-Rivières Pierre COUC-LAFLEUR who was born around 1624, in Cognac, France and died in April 1690 in St-François-du-Lac. (1)


Madeleine COUC-LAFLEUR was born around 1669. Before 1684, she married Maurice MÉNARD who was born on 6 June 1664 and baptized on 7 June 1664 in Trois-Rivières and died 9 May 1741 in Chambly. (2)(3)(4)


Marie Madeleine MÉNARD was born around 1691 in Michilimackinac. She died 22 Nov 1756 in Chambly. She married Jean Baptiste RENAUDET on 6 May 1717 somwhere in Québec. Jean Baptiste RENAUDET was born around 1676 in St-Severin, Archdiocese of Bordeaux, Guyenne France. He died 24 Dec 1759 in Pointe-Olivier (St-Mathias), Québec. (5)(6)(7)
Translation of the Marriage Certificat of 6 May 1717 by Suzanne Boivin Sommerville   in MSWord .doc format


Marie Louise RENAUDET/RENAUDEAU was born 20 Jan 1718 in Chambly. She married Michel BROUILLET LAVIOLETTE on 6 Jun 1735 in St-Joseph, Chambly. Michel BROUILLET LAVIOLETTE was born in Pointe-aux-Trembles and & christened on 27 Dec 1712 in St-Enfant-Jesus, Pointe-aux-Trembles. He died about 1774 at the age of 61. His parents were Bernard BROUILLET LAVIOLETTE & Marie CHARTIER. (8)(9)(10)(16)


Jacques SENEZAQUE was born in the parish of Auton in Normandy, France. He married Marie Josephe BROUILLET LAVIOLETTE on 23 May 1764 in Chambly. (11)(12)(16)


Jacques SENEZAQUE was born on 12 April 1765 in Chambly. He married Marie Anne DUPUY/DUPUIS on 21 Sept 1789 in l'Acadie, comté de St-Jean. Marie's parents were Charles DUPUY & Anne DOUCET. (13)(14)(17)


Joseph SENEZAC/SÉNÉSAC married Marguerite LEBRECQUEon 8 Jan 1816 in Lacadie, comté St-Jean, Québec. Marguerite LEBREQUE was the daughter of Joseph Marie LEBRECQUE & Marie BOUDREAU who married on 21 January 1788. Marie Boudreau Labrec died on 12 and was buried on 14 December 1840. Joseph and Marie has a son Jean Baptiste SÉNÉSAC who died on 18 and was buried on 20 November 1839 at the age of two years old.(15)(17)(19)


Mathilde SÉNÉSAC was born on 21 and baptized on baptized on 22 July 1828 in St-Athanase, Iberville, Québec. She married Eustache/Eusée GRANGER on 17 Sept 1844 in St. Georges, Canada. Eustache/Eusée GRANGER was the son of Jean Baptiste GRANGER & Marie Osithe CLOUATRE who were married on 16 Sept 1816 in Lacadie, Comté de St-Jean. Jean-Baptiste was the son of Jean-Baptiste GRANGER & Marie-Angélique GRÉGOIRE who were married on 7 Janvier 1794 in Lacadie, Comté de St-Jean. (15)(16)(17)(18)


Rosalie GRANGER was born on 26 and baptized on 27 October 1858 in St-Georges, Québec. She married Joseph MÉNARD on 31 Aug 1881, in Stanbridge, Missisquoi County, Québec, Canada. Rosalie Granger Maynard died on 15 October 1858 in Burlington, Vermont. Joseph MÉNARD was the son of Pierre MÉNARD & Marie Rosalie Sara LUSSIER. Joseph died on 22 October 1925 in Winooski, Vermont. (15)(18)


Oliver MAYNARD/MÉNARD was born in 17 Mar 1897 in Burlington, VT. He died on 27 Jun 1933in Burlington, VT. He married Gladys Gertrude BRYANTon 7 May 1925 in Burlington, VT. Gladys was born 8 Jun 1908 and died 11 Mar 1999 in New London, CT. She was the daughter of Clifton Jackson BRYANT & Florence Gertrude WELLS. Clifton was born 2 Jun 1879 in St. Albans, VT and died Mar 1950 in Plainville CT. (15)


Clifton Oliver MAYNARD was born 17 Aug 1925 in Burlington, VT. He died 20 Jan 1995 in New London CT. He married Mary Julia MORELL on 28 Jan 1956 in Norwich, CT. (15)


Lynn Ann MÉNARD was born 9 Nov 1956. She married David Fraser MATHIESON on 1 Aug 1998. (15)

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