Régistre des Mariages de Trois-Rivières
6 Mai 1654 au 30 Mai 1677

Novembre 1656 à Novembre 1657

The first entry is between François FAFARD, son of Jean FAFARD & Antoinette LEVERDIER, and Marie RICHARD, daughter of Simon RICHARD & Catherine CONSTANCINELLA, on 5 November 1656.

The second entry, dated 13 November 1656 is between Élie BOURBAUT, son of Eliam (Élie) BOURBAUT and Marguerita RENAULT, and Joannes (Jeanne) SAUVAGET, daughter of Joannis (Jean) SAUVAGET and Anna (Anne) DUPUY in Trois-Rivières.

The third marriage entry listed on the first page is between Pierre COUC dit LaFleur, son of Nicolai (Nicolas) COUC and Élizabeth TEMPLAIR from Cognac, France and Marie MITE8AMEG8K8E, of the Algonquin Nation, dated 16 April 1657. Refer to the document Marriage 1657 for a translation (by Jean Quintal).

The fourth entry is the marriage between Étienne MAGOUCH (Mag8ch) of Nepissingue origin and Marguerite TCHI8ANT8K8E (TCHIOUANTOUKOUE) of Ousagahiganiriniouensen origin as stated in Marriage Certificate No. 89037 of PRDH. Father Paul RAGUENEAU, S.J., was the officiating priest at their marriage which took place on April 16, 1657, the same date as Pierre COUC and Marie MITE8AMEG8K8E.

Please note: On this page, the handwriting of Father Ragueneau is only in the second entry, for the marriage of Élie BOURBAUT and of Jeanne (Joannet) SAUVAGET, on 13 November 1656. He also officiated for two other marriages, but the entries were put in the register by another Jesuit priest, in his name.

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