L'Esveillé - Pierre Tabau dit Le Petit Léveillé

Pierre Tabau dit Le Petit Léveillée was a member of the Régiment de Carignan, La Compagnie Contrecoeur.

Pierre was born around 1645. He received the scapular in Québec on 1 September 1665 and was confirmed in Montréal in May 1666. On 26 February 1670, sale of Pierre Tabau dit Léveillé to Jean Roy dit Lapensée. On 7 December 1670, a sale by Pierre Tabau to Pierre Boutaux dit LaRamée. On 29 November 1671, sale of Jean Duceau dit Baron to Pierre Tabau dit Léveillé (gr. Basset).

On 19 December 1672, Pierre Tabau, of Sault-St-Louis, son of Jean, horse marshal and the late Marie Morin, from Prignac, diocese of Saintes, Saintonge (Charente-Maritime); in Montréal, married Jeanne-Françoise Roy, daughter of Jean Roy and Françoise Bouet.

n 19 January 1688, Pierre Tabau dit Le petit Léveillé, inhabitant of the parish of Sts-Anges de Lachine; married Marie Barban, widow of Jean de Lalonde dit Lespérance, living as an inhabitant of the parish of St-Louis located in the upper part of the island (gr. Pothier). On 18 April 1672, he waspresent for the marriage contract of Joseph Denis dit le Vallon (Contrecoeur) as well as Jean Robin dit Lapointe (Saurel) and Étienne Remigeau (gr. Basset).

On 29 September 1672, Pierre Tabau married Jeanne-Françoise Roy. Present at the ceremony were Joseph Denis de le Vallon (Contrecoeur), André Merlot dit LaRamée (Contrecoeur), Vivien Magdelaine dit LaDouceur (Contrecoeur), Georges Alets, Mathurin Baudry (Contrecoeur), Jean Chevalier, Pierre L'Ecuyer, Claude Cécire, Pierre Pérusseaux.

In the Census 1681, he was listed as 36 years old; Jeanne-Françoise Roy, his wife, 21 years old; children listed as Pierre 6 years old, Laurent 4 years old, Alexis 2 years old; 1 rifle, 3 oxens, 10 arpents of value. On 18 Jan 1689, Pierre was hired by Jacques Bro. On 2 Nov 1691, he was hired by Lambert Leduc (gr. Adhémar). On 1 May 1723, he died at the age of 91 at Lachine where he was buried. (2)

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Pierre Tabau dit Le Petit Léveillé

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