Edmée (Aimée) LEJEUNE (Abt 1624 - 1698, Port Royal) married François GAUTROT GAUTREAU (Abt 1613, Martaize, Loudon, Vienne, France - 1686,Port Royal) around 1635 in Port Royal.

Also arriving aboard the Saint-Jehan in 1636, from Martaize, was 23-year-old François Gautreaux and his first wife, Marie. They had two children together, a daughter and a son. After she died, he married Edmée Lejeune in 1644. She gave him nine more children, including five sons, three of whom grew up to start families of their own. (21)



Marie GAUTROT GAUTREAU (Abt 1636 - Aft 1700, Port Royal) married Michel DUPUIS (Abt 1637, FR - Bef 1700, Port Royal).

Michel Dupeux dit Dupuis, a farmer from La Chaussée, married Marie, a daughter of Francois Gautreaux, in 1664. They had five children, three of them sons who created families of their own. (23)



Martin DUPUIS DUPUIS (Abt 1665, Port Royal - 8 Aug 1713, Grand Pré) married Marie LANDRY (Abt 1671, Port Royal - 20 Sept 1746, Grand Pré,) daughter of René LANDRY & Marie BERNARD, before 31 Dec 1689 in ACADIE. (22)



Antoine DUPUY DUPUIS married Marie DUGAS before 31 December 1746 in Acadie. (19)



Charles DUPUIS married Anne DOUCET before 9 April 1769 in the English Colonies (United States). Charles was born about 1746 and died on 6 and was buried on 7 April 1798 in L'Acadie, Québec. His parents were Antoine DUPUY & Marie DUGAS. Anne was born 1750, the daughter of Jean DOUCET (?) & Marie Anne BOURG. She died on 16 and was buried on 17 August 1790 in L'Acadie, Québec.**(1)(13)(18)(19)



Marie Anne DUPUIS DUPUY married Jacques SENEZAC SCENESAC LATRANQUILITE on 21 September 1789 in L'Acadie. Jacques was the son of Jacquess SENEZAQUE LATRANQUILITÉ & Marie Joseph BROUILLET LAVIOLETTE. Marie Anne died on 21 and was buried on 22 November 1802 in L'Acadie.(1)(15)(16)



Joseph SENESAC married Marguerite LABRECQUE on 8 January 1816 in L'Acadie, St-Jean, Québec. Marguerite was born 1796 in Beaumont, Bellechasse, the daughter of Joseph LEBREQUE & Marie BOUDREAU, who were married on 21 January 1788 in St-Luc, Acadie. Marie BOUDREAU, born in 1759, was the daughter of Charles BOUDREAU & Magdeleine CLOUATRE who married in 1756 in Grand Pré, Acadia. (1)(2)



Mathilde SÉNÉSAC married Eustache/Eusée GRANGER on 17 Sept 1844 in St. Georges, Canada. Eustache/Eusée GRANGER was the son of Jean Baptiste GRANGER & Marie Osithe CLOUATRE who were married on 16 Sept 1816 in L'Acadie, Comté de St-Jean. Jean-Baptiste was the son of Jean-Baptiste GRANGER & Marie-Angélique GRÉGOIRE. (1)(10)(11)(12)



Joseph MÉNARD married Rosalie GRANGER, daughter of Eustache GRANGER & Mathilde Sénésac, on 31 Aug 1881, in Stanbridge, Missisquoi County, Québec, Canada. (7)(8)


Oliver MAYNARD/MÉNARD was born in 17 Mar 1897 in Burlington, VT. He died in 27 Jun 1933 in Burlington, VT. He married Gladys Gertrude BRYANT on 7 May 1925 in Burlington, VT. Gladys was born on 8 Jun 1908 and died on 11 Mar 1999 in New London, CT. She was the daughter of Clifton Jackson BRYANT & Florence Gertrude WELLS
Clifton was born 2 Jun 1879 in St. Albans, VT and died 26 March 1950 in Plainville CT. Florence Wells was born in November 1884 in St. Albans, VT. (7)


Clifton Oliver MAYNARD was born 17 Aug 1925 in Burlington, VT. He died 20 Jan 1995 in New London CT. He married Mary Julia MORELL on 28 Jan 1956 in Norwich, CT. (7)


Lynn Ann MÉNARD was born 9 Nov 1956. She married David Fraser Mathieson on 1 Aug 1998. (7)

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