I. Pierre COUC married MITE8AMEG8K8E on 16 Apr 1657 in Trois-Rivières. (2)

II. Marie Angélique COUC married François MONTOUR DELPÉE dit ST-CERNY on 30 Aug 1682 in Sorel. (3)

III. Maurice MONTOUR-DELPÉE married Thérèse Véronique PETIT on 27 Jul 1729 in Trois-Rivières. (4)

IV. Charles MONTOUR DELPÉ married Marie Louise Josephe DÉRY 27 Sep 1756 in Pointe-du-Lac. He then married Marie Marguerite BARBEAU on 7 Mar 1791 in St-Constant. (5)(6)(7)

V. Marie Julie Angélique MONTOUR was born 31 Dec 1763 St. Maurice, Trois Rivières,Québec. She married Joseph LANCTOT on 3 Mar 1783 in St-Philippe, Laprairie. She died 2 Mar 1843 in St-Constant, Laprairie.
     Joseph LANCTOT was born 12 Oct 1763 in St-Philippe, Laprairie. He died 2 Mar 1843 in St-Constant, Laprairie, Québec. (8)(9)

VI. Joseph LANCTOT was born 9 Oct 1788 in St.Constant, Laprairie. He married Marie BARBEAU on 21 Nov 1808 in St-Constant, Laprairie. She died 19 Feb 1869 in Bury, Compton, Québec.
     Marie BARBEAU was born in 1792. She died 3 May 1868 in Bury, Compton, Québec. (8)(9)

VII. Hyppolite LANCTOT was born 1 Apr 1816 in St-Constant. He married Marie MILLER on 30 Jan 1837 in Laprairie. He died 24 Aug and was buried 27 Aug 1887 in Montréalb.
     Marie MILLER was born in 1817. She was buried on 23 May 1894 in Montréal.(8)(9)

VIII. Joseph Hyppolite Edmond LANCTOT was born 14 Apr 1837 in Laprairie. He married Élizabeth ROY on 18 Nov 1862 in Marie Reine du Monde, Montréal. He died 21 Dec and buried 23 Dec 1909 in Notre-Dame, Montréal.
     Élizabeth ROY was born 15 Feb 15 1841 in Chambly. She died around 15 Dec and was buried 16 Dec 1918 in Montréal. (8)(9)

IX. Edmond Michel LANCTOT was born 22 Jun 1877 in Montréal. He married Rubina Linton WILLARD on 4 May 1897 in St-Patrick, Montréal. He died 7 Feb 1965 in Vancouver. He was buried in the Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver, British Columbia.
     Rubina Linton WILLARD was born 18 Oct 1881. She died 4 Apr 4 1964 in Vancouver. She was buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver, B.C.(8)(9)

X. George William Alexandre (LANCTOT) O'LEARY was born 5 Sep 1904 in St-Enfant-Jésus, Montréal. He married Lilly Jean CAMERON. He died in Jul 1961 and was buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver, B.C.
     Lilly Jean CAMERON was born 6 Sep 6 1910 in Tacoma, Washington. She died 17 Apr 1967 in New Westminster, British Columbia.(8)(9)

XI. George Patrick (Paddy) O'Leary was born June 15, 1942 in Vancouver, B.C. (9)

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Elizabeth Roy    Concession 00305 Section K
Hypolite Lanctot    Concession  00251  Section  P
Marie Miller        Concession  00251  Section P
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