1657 - 1987


   Marie Mite8ameg8k8e c. 1632 - 1699
	married on 16 Apr 1657 in Trois-Rivières
	+Pierre Couc-Lafleur c. 1627 - 1690 (1)

TWELFTH GENERATION Madeleine Couc-Lafleur 1669 - ? married before 1684 +Maurice Ménard 1664 - 1741 (1)
ELEVENTH GENERATION Antoine Ménard born 28 April 1695, married Marie HUET 7 Jan 1723 and died 3 Jun 1764. +Marie Huet born on 18 Nov 1698. (1)
TENTH GENERATION Marie Anne Ménard born 12 Sept & baptized 3 Oct 1734 in Chambly, Québec. married Noël LAREAU 22 Jan 1753 in St-Joseph-de-Chambly. Parents of Noël were Noël LAREAU & Marie PILOTT. Noël was born in 1712. He died 16 Jan 1779 in Chambly, Québec. (1)(6)
NINTH GENERATION Marie Geneviève LAREAU was born 15 Oct 1753 in Chambly. married Étienne FRICHET dit FRÉCHETTE on 27 Jan 1772 in St-Joseph-de-Chambly. Étienne's parents were Étienne FRÉCHETTE & Marie-Anne GUILLOT. (7)
20 Nov 1792 in St-Joseph-de-Chambly. François' parents were François BOUTEILLER & Marie Anne BOYER. (5)
SEVENTH GENERATION Étienne BOUTEILLER dit BOUTHILLER married Catherine LAMOUREUX on 5 Aug 1823 in St-Joseph-de-Chambly. Catherine's parents were Pierre LAMOUREUX & Louise THOMAS. (5)
SIXTH GENERATION Calixte BOUTEILLER dit BOUTHILLER married Célina MANETTE dit MONET on 15 Nov 1853 in St-Joseph-de-Chambly. Célina's parents were Eustache MONET & Lucie PHANEUF. Calixte died in 1901 in Palmer, Massachusets. (5)
FIFTH GENERATION Marie Emma BOUTHILLER was born on 24 Jun 1861 in Chambly, Québec. Along with her parents and ten brothers and sisters, Emma moved to the United States around 1880. She died 10 Jan 1893 in Thorndike, Massachusetts. She married Jean Baptiste ST.JACQUES, Jr. on 15 Nov 1880 in St-Pie, Bagot, Québec. Jean Baptiste was born 13 Aug and baptized 14 Aug 1861 in Ste-Cécile de Milton, Québec. His parents were Jean-Baptiste ST-JACQUES & Anastasie DUFRESNE. He died on July 6, 1936 in West Warren, Mass. He is mentioned as a laborer in 1871 and in 1891 in the county of Deux-Montagnes (Two Mountains), Québec. Lovell lists Jean-Baptiste in 1871 as a "living event", so it might have been the "marriage event". He is listed in Lovell's directory as being a laborer and being deceased in 1891. Jean Baptiste married a second time to Leah ?. (2)(8)(9)
Children of Jean-Baptiste St-JACQUES & Anastasie DUFRESNE: 1. Victorine was born 31 Aug and baptized 10 Sept 1857 in St-Pie-de-Bagot, but was living in Milton. 2. Adeline was born and baptized 12 Nov 1858 in Ste-Cécile de Milton. 3. Anastasie was born and baptized 12 Apr 1860 in Ste-Cécile de Milton. 4. Jean-Baptiste was born 13 Aug and baptized 14 Aug 1861 in Ste-Cécile de Milton. 5. Félicité was born and baptized on 13 Sept 1863 in Ste-Cécile de Milton. (10)
FOURTH GENERATION Emma ST.JACQUES was born in 1887 in Palmer, Massachusetts. She married Ernest Cyril GAY, Sr. on 22 May 1907 in West Warren, Massachusetts. (3)(4)
THIRD GENERATION Ernest Cyril GAY, Jr. married Aurelia Marie DAUDELINE on 26 Nov 1928 in St. Anne's Church, Three Rivers, Massachusetts. (3)(4)
SECOND GENARATION Geneviève GAY married Lauren FLOYD on 29 Aug 1953 in St. Anne's Church, Three Rivers, Massachuetts. (3)(4)
FIRST GENERATION Cynthia Ann FLOYD married Kirk VAN BROCKLYN on 11 Jul 1987 in Grace Union Church, Wilbraham, Massachusetts. (3)(4)

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