Excerpts of History

" Many history books because of the English influence in North America, credit Englishmen as making the first contacts with North American Indians on or about the turn of the 17th century. John Smith is often acclaimed as New England's first explorer. Smith explored and surveyed the coast in 1614, of what was then known as North Virginia, and gave New England its name.

First contacts with the Beothuck Indians of Newfoundland and the Micmacs of Nova Scotia, were made by French , Breton, Spanish and Basque,fishermen at about the turn of the 16th century. In 1508, a French captain named Aubert captured three of the Beothucks and shipped them back to Paris for display, as Cabot had done in 1497. Marquis de la Roche, a Breton nobleman, attempted to colonize Cape Sable, Nova Scotia with French convicts in 1598, and mentions in his report to the King of France that, "the Portuguese have had cows at pasture here for sixty years", meaning that there was a European settlement of some sort only 120 miles from New England, as early as the year 1538.

In the year 1577, Sir Humphrey Gilbert, with a shipload of Englishmen, sailed down the coast of Maine and traded with the Penobscot Indians, and reported when he got back to England that the French were already trading with the Maine Indians, "defrauding them and feeding them strong drink".

Six years later in 1583, Étienne Bélanger, trading for France, " went ashore twelve places" in Maine, exchanging trinkets for furs with the Indians"

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