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PLACE D'ARMES OU FIEF PACHIRINI - Arms Square of Fiefdom Pachirini

Municipality: TROIS-RIVIÈRES
Information: Land granted in 1648 and 1650.

The Tonnancour Manor

René Godegroy de Tonnancour, procurator of the King of France and lord of Pointe-du-Lac, built his residence between 1722 and 1725. After a fire, the manor was rebuilt by Judge Deschenaux in 1795. It served as a barracks, presbytery and bishop's residence, elementary school for boys. Renovated at the end of the 1970's, this historique monument is presently the home of the Parc Art Galery. In conjunction with the House of Culture, the following exhibits are presented:
*the national Biennal of ceramic (on even years)
*the new international Biennal of contemporary engraving of Trois-Rivières (on odd years).

La place d'Armes - The Arms Square

Facing the Manor, there is a public parc. This place was first known as the Pachirini fiefdom. This was the name of Algonquin Sachem to whom was granted this land, in order to solidify relations between the French and the Amerindians. However, the white men quickly inhabited the area. It served for a time as a public market, then it became the Place d'Armes (the Arms Square) around 1750. Following the big fire of 1908, the federal government built a temporary post office.

La rue des Ursulines - Ursulines Street

We are situated in the historique section of Trois-Rivières, on this street called Notre-Dame for 300 years. In Québec, most of the old cities or municipalities have a street named "Notre-Dame" along the St-Laurence River. On the north bank, between the cities of Québec and Montréal, these streets correspond often to the King's highway, which was the first carriage road open in Canada, around 1735. This section was renamed "rue des Ursulines" in 1947 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the arrival of this religious congregation in Trois-Rivières.

Site of the first parish churches.

From 1664, three churches succeeded each other on the site where presently is the Sacred Heart monument. Built in 1710, it was destroyed by fire in 1908. Trois-Rivières had only one catholic parish at that time; today, there are a dozen churches.

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