Marriage:  before 1701-12-31   

Chidren born before 1766 :
Sex Birth Marriage Death First name of the child
  Place Place Place Name of the spouse
f 1713-02-15 1734-02-01 1757-12-25 MARGUERITE 
  Port-Royal Port-Royal Québec (Family)   ALEXANDRE    GUILBAULT

Stephen A. White, Dictionnaire généalogique des familles acadiennes, Vol II, p. 1027.

Marie dit BÉLISLE was born around 1677, probably in Port-Royal. She married Alexandre GIROUARD dit de RU, the son of Jacques GIROUARD & Marguerite GAUTROT around 1694.

Marie was the first daughter and second child of Alexandre LE BORGNE de BÉLISLE & Marie de SAINT-ÉTIENNE de LA TOUR, who were married around 1675. Her father was born on 12 March 1640 in St-Bartélemy de La Rochelle. He was a Gouverneur suppléant of Acadie, lord of Port-Royal. He died between 1689 adn 10 May 1692. Her mother was born around 1654. She died at the age of 87 on 28 May and was buried on 30 May 1739 in Port-Royal.
They had 7 children:

Emmanuel dit BÉLISLE (c167-c1698-?); Marie; Alexandre de BÉLISLE (c1679-1707-c1744); Jeanne de BÉLISLE (c1682-1697-1711); Charles (c1685-?-?); Marie-Françoise (c1688-prof1713-1715) was a religious at Hôtel-Dieux de Québec; Anne de BÉLISLE (c1690-1707&1738-?).

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