954. Marc Antoine HUS MILLET was born on 11 October 1673. He married Françoise LAVALLÉE before 31 December 1699. He died in 1756 in St-Pierre de Sorel, Richelieu, Québec. (1)     An interesting note.

955. Françoise LAVALLÉE VALLÉE was born on 27 and baptized on 29 December 1675 in St-Pierre de Sorel, Québec. She died on 27 and was buried on 28 January 1748 in St-Pierre de Sorel, Richelieu, Québec. (6)

Hus Millet - Théroux - Bélanger - Lavallée - Léveillée Lineage in Acrobat .pdf file format.

    Children were:

child166 iii. Claude HUS MILLET was baptized on 6 March 1703 in Sorel. He married Françoise MANDEVILLE on 6 March 1728 in Sorel, Québec. (1) (2) (3)

child477 vi. Marie Françoise HUS MILLET was born on 20 January and baptized 2 February 1710 in Sorel. She married Alexis MANDEVILLE on 19 August 1736 in Sorel. She died on 6 October 1773. (1)(4)(5)

ix. Marie Louise PAUL HUS MILLET was born on 8 April 1716 in St-Pierre-de-Sorel, Richelieu, Québec. She married Pierre DUTEAU dit VILANDRE on 2 November 1746 in St-Pierre-de-Sorel, Richelieu, Québec. She died between 1759 and 1760. (1)(6)

i. Marie Catherine was born before 1699. She married François AUBUCHON DESALIERS on 3 July 1724 in Sorel. (1)

ii. Marie Jeanne Anne was born before 1701. She married Jean-Baptiste PLANTE on 28 April 1721 in Sorel. (1)

iv. Marc Antoine was born on 2 March 1705 in Sorel. He married Marie Ursule LAGUERCE on 18 July 1735 in Sorel. He died on 29 September 1752 in Sorel. (1)

v. Léonard Joseph was born on 22 December 1707 and died on 3 February 1730 in Sorel. (1)

vii. Marie Madeleine was born on 29 December 1712 and died on 24 August 1729 in Sorel. (1)

viii. Joseph was born on 10 June 1714 and died on 4 March 1746 in Sorel. (1)

x. François was born on 6 March 1718 in Sorel. He married Marie Louise CARTIER on 2 November 1745 in St-François-du-Lac. He died on 10 April 1761 in Sorel. (1)

xi. Agathe was born before 1720. She married Pierre BOILEAU on 23 October 1749 in L'Île-Dupas. (1)

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There is an interesting series of papers on Paul Hus and his descendants in "Nos Sources", March, June and September 1999. (Société généalogique de Lanaudière. In French). The last one being dedicated to Marc-Antoine Hus dit Millet. Not surprisingly, the author being named Leonce Millette...
Marc-Antoine Hus Millet (1673-1756) had huge and well cultivated lands. He produced much hay: beautiful and abondant "millet". Marc Antoine Hue grew "millet" (then pronounced mee-yeah). All his descendants are now Millettes or Beauchemins.
Marc-Antoine made a contract of relinquishment before notary Monmerqué (one of my ancestor!), on March 13th 1754 the author discussed longly. All his children were present; of course Marie-Jeanne and her husband Jean Plante. (A detail: Marie-Jeanne's sister Françoise was married to ALEXIS Mandeville). Jean Plante signed the act (he was able to write). Another notarial act was passed the same day, in which is indicated that JEAN PLANTE, INHABITANT OF CHICOT, IN LANDLORD OF BERTHIERVILLE sold land to François Hus/Millet.
An email message 31 August 2001 by Yvonne Lemerise (Also descendant of Marc Antoine Hus Millet (but who in the area isn't) related to Paul Hus!)