Jean THIBODEAU was born around 1674 in Port-Royal. He married Marguerite HÉBERT on 7 February 1703 in Port-Royal. He died in Grand-Pré on 9 December 1746 at the age of 74. (1)(2)

Marguerite HÉBERT, the daughter of Emmanuel HÉBERT & Andrée BRUN, was born around 1682. She died before 14 January 1727. (1)

Children were:

vii. Cécile THIBODEAU was born on 5 and baptized on 6 November 1712 in Grand-Pré. She married Pierre dit Palette CORMIER, son of Pierre CORMIER & Catherine LEBLANC, on 17 July 1730 in Grand-Pré. She died in 1787 or 1788 at the age of about 80, during the travel between Ste-Anne du Pays-Bas and Memramcook. (1)(3)

i. Marie-Madeleine THIBODEAU was born on 13 December 1703 and baptized on 18 March 1704 in Port-Royal. She married Alexandre RICHARD, son of Martin RICHARD & Marguerite BOURG, around 1724. (1)

ii. Anonyme THIBODEAU died on 13 and was buried on 14 April 1705, "the father was now from Mines". (1)

iii. Jean-Baptiste THIBODEAU dit Cramate< was born around 1706. He married Marie LE BLANC, daughter of François LE BLANC & Jeanne HÉBERT, on 14 Januarty 1727 in Grand-Pré. He died on 11 and was buried on 14 April 1795 in St-Basile at the age of 89. (1)(4)

iv. Pierre THIBODEAU married Madeleine CORMIER, daughter of Pierre CORMIER & Catherine LE BLANC around 1731. He died before 30 June 1766. (1)

v. Germain THIBODEAU was born and baptized on 10 March 1709 in Grand-Pré. He married Judith LE BLANC, daugher of Jacques à René LE BLANC & Catherine LANDRY, on 6 August 1742 in Grand-Pré. He died in Falmouth, England, in 1756. He was buried in St-Gluvias de Penryn on 2 November 1756. (1)

vi. Charles THIBODEAU was born and baptized on 8 March 1711 in Grand-Pré. He first married Anne-Marie MELANSON, daugher of Philippe MELANSON & Marie DUGAS, the widow of Charles BABIN, on 21 February 1735 in Grand-Pré. He then married Madeleine DOIRON, daughter of Jean DOIRON & Anne LE BLANC, the widow of Joseph POIRIER, on 19 July 1764 in St-Joseph de Philadelphie. He died on 28 and was buried on 29 November 1779 in Bécancour at the age of 70. (1)(5)

viii. Élisabeth THIBODEAU was born on 6 and baptized on 7 February 1718 in Grand-Pré. She married Charles LE BLANC, son of Jacques à René LE BLANC & Caatherine LANDRY on 26 September 1741 in Grand-Pré. She died on 22 November 1807 according to the civil register of Le Palais. (1)

ix. Olivier< THIBODEAU/b> was baptized on 1 October 1719 in Grand-Pré. He married Madeleine MELANSON, daughter of Jean MELANSON & Marguerite DUGAS. (1)(6)

x. Joseph THIBODEAU was born and baptized on 19 May 1721 in Grand-Pré. (1)

xi. Anne THIBODEAU was born on 15 and baptized on 16 January 1723 in Grand-Pré. She married Pierre AUCOIN, son of Pierre AUCOIN & Marie BREAU on 18 October 1745 in Grand-Pré. (1)

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