918. Pierre CORMIER was born and baptized on 25 March 1682 in Beaubassin. He married Catherine LE BLANC around 1702 and before 12 December 1715. He died before 17 July 1730. (4)
         Renseignments en outre du patronyme CORMIER en français.

919. Catherine LEBLANC, daughter of Jacques LE BLANC & Catherine HÉBERT was born around 1683. She died before 14 November 1740. (4)

Children were:

child163 vii. Marie-Anne CORMIER was born around 1715. She married Antoine LANDRY, son of Jean LANDRY & Madeleine MELANSON on 14 November 1740 in Beaubassin. They moved to St-Michel d'Yamaska. She died on 8 January 1770 in St-Michel d'Yamaska at 50 years old. (1)(2)(4)

i. Pierre CORMIER dit Palette is listed in the Beaubassin Census 1714. He married Cécile THIBODEAU, daughter of Jean THIBODEAU & Marguerite HÉBERT, on 17 July 1730 in Grand-Pré, Acadie. He died between the Census 1750-1751 and 1752. (1)(3)4)

ii. Marie-Françoise CORMIER was born around 1706. She married Pierre BOURGEOIS, son of Charles BOURGEOIS & Marie BLANCHARD, on 18 August 1722 at age 16 in Beaubassin. (4)

iii. Jean-Baptiste CORMIERwas born around 1709. He married Madeleine RICHARD, daughter of Martin RICHARD & Marguerite BOURG on 11 August 1733 in Beaubassin. (4)

iv. Madeleine CORMIER married Pierre THIBODEAU, son of Jean THIBODEAU & Marguerite HÉBERT around 1731. (4)

v. Michel CORMIER is listed in the Beaubassin Census 1714. (4)

vi. Catherine CORMIER is listed in the Beaubassin Census 1714. She first married François LANDRY, son of François LANDRY & Marie-Josèphe DOUCET, around 1736. She then married Jean-Charles DUPUIS, son of Charles DUPUIS & Élisabeth LEBLANC, the widower of Marie GAUTROT, around 1750. (4)

viii. Marguerite CORMIERwas born on 16 February 1718 in Beaubassin. She married Jean CYR dit CROC, son of Jean CYR & Françoise MELANSON, on 26 January 1734 in Beaubassin. (4)

ix. François CORMIER dit Palette was born and baptized on 9 October 1719 in Beaubassin. He married Anne CHIASSON, daughter of Jacques CHIASSON & Marie-Josèphe ARSENEAU on 2 July 1742 in Beaubassin.

x. Agnès CORMIERwas born on 27 September 1722 and was baptized on 1 May 1723. She married Joseph THÉRIOT, son of Claude THÉRIOT & Marguerite CORMIER around 1746. She died on 15 and was buried on 17 November 1798 at 72 years old in St-Jean-Pot-Joli, Acadia. (4)

xi. Marie CORMIER married Claude BABIN, son of Claude BABIN & Marguerite DUPUIS on 13 May 1743 in Beaubassin. (4)

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