10. Michel SALVAS dit Mitchell SULLIVAN was born on 4 and baptized on 5 September 1831 in St-Michel d'Yamaska. He married Mathilde CÔTÉ before 1867. He was a bricklayer. He died after 1880.

11. Mathilde CÔTÉ was born between 1837 & 1840. Her parents were Henri CÔTÉ & Brigitte GRENIER who married August 13, 1833 at St Michel, Yamaska. Brigitte was born in 1815. She died between 1875 & 1879.

Please note: The CÔTÉ ancestral lineage eventually leads up to a common ancestor Ignace BÉLANGER, a grandson of François BÉLANGER & Marie GUYON, one of the first families in New France. Louis Marie CÔTÉ married Marie Judith BÉLANGER, the great-great-grandaughter of François BÉLANGER & Marie GUYON.

   Children were:

child5 ii. Elvina Alvina SALVAS was born in 1868 in Biddeford, Maine. She married Joseph Olivier LAVALLÉE on 18 Nov 1886 in St. John the Baptist Church, West Warwick, RI. She was also known as Levina SULLIVAN. She died 24 February 1949 in West Warwick, Rhode Island. Olivier was born and baptized on 27 August 1857 in St-Gabriel-de-Brandon, Co. Berthier, Québec. He died on 11 December 1934 in Coventry, RI. (1)(2)(3)

i. Josephine SALVAS was born in 1860 in Québec and died after 1880. (2)(3)

iii. Joseph Henri SALVAS was born on 26 July 1870 in Biddeford, Maine. He was twin to Jean Baptiste. He married Marie Louise Louisana LAVALLÉE before 1891. She was born on 8 and baptized on 9 October 1870 in St-Norbert, Co. Berthier, Québec. Her parents were Joseph LAVALLÉE & Virginie TELLIER, both born in Québec. She was also known as Marie Louisana.
In the 1910 Census, they are living in Coventry, Kent County, Rhode Island. Joseph died on 9 October 1961 in West Warwick, RI. He is buried in Notre-Dame Cemetery in West Warwick, RI. Marie Louise died on 2 November 1944 in Coventry, RI. She is buried in Notre-Dame Cemetery in West Warwick, RI. (2)(3)(4)

iii. Adelord SALVAS was born in 1895 in Coventry, RI. He married Juliette LÉVEILLÉE on 9 May 1921 in Notre-Dame du Bon Conseil, West Warwick, RI. Juliette, daughter of Joseph LÉVEILLÉE & Césarie THÉROUX, was born and baptized on 15 March 1899 in St-Aimé. (6)
i. Albert SALVAS was born in 1892 in Coventry, RI.
ii. Amelia SALVAS was born in 1893 in Coventry, RI.
iv. Alice SALVAS was born in 1897 in Coventry, RI.
v. Ovid SALVAS was born 1899 in Coventry, RI.
vi. Naresse SALVAS was born in 1901 in Coventry, RI.
vii. Vina SALVAS was born in 1904 in Coventry, RI.
viii. Bertha SALVAS was born in 1907 in Coventry, RI.

iii. Jean-Baptiste SALVAS was born in 1871 in Biddeford, Maine. He was twin to Joseph. He died after 1880 in West Warwick, RI. (2)(3)

iv. Ovide SALVAS was born about 1871. He married Helena ST-AMAND on 25 April 1898 in Coventry, RI. He died after 1920. Helena died about 1876.

v. Délia SALVAS was born in 1875 in Québec. She died after 1880. (2)(3)

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