4086. Pierre MARTIN was born around 1601. He married Cartherine VIGNEAU on 30 Jun 1630 in St-Germain in Bourgueil, Touraine, France. He was a laborer. He arrived in Acadie in 1636. PRDH list the marriage date as before 31 December 1641 in Acadie. He died before the Census 1678 in Port-Royal. (1)(2)

4087. Cartherine VIGNEAU was born around 1603 probably in St-Germain, Bourgueil, Touraine, France. She died before the Census 1678 in Port-Royal. (2)

Children were:

child2043 vi. Marguerite MARTIN was born around 1644. She married Jean BOURG, son of Antoine BOURG & Antoinette LANDRY, around 1667. She died on 24 and was buried on 25 April 1707. (2)

childv. Marie Madeleine MARTIN was born around 1641 in Port-Royal, Nova Scotia. She married Pierre MORIN dit Boucher before 31 December 1661 in Port Royal, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. They had twelve children. She died on 16 and was buried on 17 September 1714, at the age of 75, in Port Royal, Nova Scotia. (2)

Their Children were: Pierre, Louis, Antoine, Marie, Anne, Jacques l'aîné, Charles de CLORIDAN, Marguerite, Jean dit DUCHARME, Jacques-François dit BONSECOURS, Simon-Joseph, Jacques le jeune. (2)
Pierre MORIN was born around 1662 in St-Jean, Port-Royal in Acadie. He married Françoise CHIASSON dit LAVALLÉE on 8 November 1682 in Beaubassin, Acadie. He was an inhabitant of Rivière du Sud, the parish of St-Pierre. He was master of barge. He was buried on 15 April 1741 at the age of 86 in St-François-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud, Montmagny, Québec. (4)

Marguerite MORIN was born in 1676. She married Claude Boissel, son of Noël BOISSEL & Marie MORIN, on 8 August 1694 somewhere in Québec. They had nine children. She died on 26 and was buried on 27 January 1718 in Québec. Claude died and buried on 15 December 1716 in Québec. (4)(5)

Louis MORIN was born around 1664. Around 1697, he married Marie-Josèphe LE NEUF de LA VALLIÉRE, daughter of Michel LE NEUF de LA VALLIÈRE & Marie DENYS, who was born in 1671. She remmarried, upon the death of Louis beore 1692 Jean-Paul LE GARDEUR de SAINT-Pierre. She was buried in 1703. Louis was exiled to France in 1688.(1)(3)(5)

Jacques l'ainé MORIN dit BOUCHER was born around 1672. He was a Master of the Barge. He married Marie-Anne LAVERGNE, daughter of Louis LAVERGNE & Marie-Anne SIMON, on 3 February 1699 in Québec. Marie-Anne was born in 1677 in Québec. Her second marriage was to Étienne FRÉCHET in 1710. She died in 1754. Jacques died in 1704. Their children were: Jacques dit BOUCHER & Amand. (5)

Jacques le jeune MORIN wasb and baptized on 2 March 1686. He was a butcher merchant. He married Marie-Charlotte JEANNE, daughter of Robert JEANNE & Françoise-Madeleine SAVARD, on 25 August 1704 in Lauzon. Marie-Charlotte was born in 1679. She was the widow of Étienne ROCHERON dit ROCHON. She died in Lauzon in 1744. Jacques died in Lauzon in 1737. Their children were Marie-Anne, Marie-Louise, Marie-Angélique, Jacques, Pierre, Marie-Ursule dit BEAUSÉJOUR, Joseph-Marie, Marie-Charlotte. (5)

childi. Étienne MARTIN was baptized on 1 June 1631 in St-Germain de Bourgueil. His godparents were Monsignor Étienne GOSSET, priest, treasurer and chaplain of Bourgueil and Jeanne VIGNEAU, wife of nobleman François DUBERLE, captain of the château of Sir de Chartres. He died before 1636. (2)

childii. Pierre MARTIN was baptized on 5 October 1632 in St-Germain de Bourgueil. His first marriage was to Anne OUESTNOROUEST dit PETITOUS, "Amérindienne" - a Native American, around 1660. Anne was born around 1644; she died between 1680 and 1686. His second marriage was to Jeanne ROUSSELIÈRE, daughter of Louis ROUSSELIÈRE & Isabelle PARISÉ, born around 1637, the widow of Pierre GODIN dit CHÂTILLON between the Census 1686 and Census 1693. (2)(3)

   Children of Pierre MARTIN's first marriage with Anne OUESTNOROUEST du PETITOUS were:

childi. Pierre MARTIN was born around 1661. He was a laborer. He married Anne GODIN dit CHÂTILLON, daughter of (Pierre GODIN dit CHÂTILLON & Jeanne ROUSSELIÈRE, around 1686. Anne was born on 10 January 1672 in Montréal. Pierre was buried on 14 December 1739 in Saint-Pierre. Anne was buried in St-Pierre-du-Nord on 7 February 1742 at about 70 years old. (2)

    Their children were:

childi. Cécile MARTIN was bround around 1687. (2)
childii. Renée MARTIN was born around 1688. (2)
childiii. Madeleine MARTIN was born around 1689. (2)
childiv. Étienne MARTIN was born around 1691.
childv. Pierre MARTIN was born around 1693. He married Marie-Josèphe CLÉMENCEAU (Jean & Anne ROY) around 1727 in Port-Toulouse. He died before the Census 1752. (2)
childvi. François MARTIN was born around 1693. He married Angélique BERTRAND (Claude & Catherine PITRE) on 12 February 1725 in Port-Royal. He died before 25 April 1726. (2)
childvii. Marie MARTIN was born around 1695. She first married Pierre BERTRAND dit MONTAURY around 1714. She then married Mathieu de GLAIN dit CADET, son of Pierre GLAIN dit CADET & Catherine DU VERGER, on 28 February 1734 in St-Pierre-du-Nord. She died before 27 November 1759. (2)
childviii. Joseph MARTIN was born around 1697 in Port-Royal. He first married Isabelle (Élisabeth) CARRET, daughter of Pierre CARRET & Angélique CHIASSON, widow of Joseph DOUCET, on 22 April 1750 in Port-Lajoie. He then married Anne-Marie MICHEL around 1758. (2)
childix. Anne MARTIN was born around 1699. She married Marin FORTIN dit LA FORTUNE, son of Léonard FORTIN dit LA FORTUNE & Anne HERBENIÈRE, around 1715 in Port-Toulouse. She died before 21 May 1719. (2)
childx. Angélique MARTIN was born around 1700. She first married Antoine GOURDON around 1718 in Port-Toulouse. She then married Jean BLOUET, widower of Sarah NICHOLS on 2 November 1749 in Louisbourg. She died on 27 July 1760 in St-Louis de Rochefort, at the age of 60. (2)
childxi. Barthélemy MARTIN was born on 17 February and baptized on 2 March 1704. He married Madeleine CARRET, daughter of Pierre CARRET & Angélique CHIASSON, around 1731. He died before the Census 1761. (2)
childxii. Marie-Madeleine MARTIN was born and baptized on 9 April 1706 in Port-Royal. She was buried on 15 April 1706 in Port-Royal. (2)
childxiii. Paul MARTIN was born on 21 and baptized on 23 June 1707 in Port-Royal. He married Geneviève DUBOIS, daughter of Jean DUBOIS & Anne VINCENT, around 1739. He died on 6 and was buried on 7 April 1758 in St-Charles de Bellechasse, at age 50. (2)
childxiv. Charles MARTIN was born on 8 and baptized on 9 October 1709 in Port-Royal. He married Françoise CARRET, daughter of Pierre CARRET & Angélique CHIASSON, around 1742. (2)
childxv. Jean MARTIN was born on 9 October 1711 and baptized on 31 January 1712 in Port-Royal. He was conditionally baptized by M. Saint-Seine. (2)
childxvi. daughter MARTIN was born before the Census 1717. (2)
childxvii. Isabelle (Élisabeth) MARTIN was born around 1716. She first married Diego dit Jacques MARTINEZ dit ESPAGNOL, son of Joseph MARTINEZ dit ESPAGNOL & Ursule PASCOUAL, on 3 May 1734 in St-Pierre-du-Nord. She then married Lucas (Luc) LE MÉTAYER, son of Gabriel LE MÉTAYER & Françoise LE MÉTAYER, widower of Marie-Catherine PICHOT, on 6 November 1754 in Louisbourg. (2)

childii. René MARTIN was born around 1663. (2)

childiii. André MARTIN was born around 1666. (2)

childiv. Jacques MARTIN was born around 1669. In the Census 1686, at the age of 19, was listed as a domestique for Pierre THÉRIOT in Mines; in the Census 1701 as fisherman. (2)

childv. Jean MARTIN was born around 1671. He married Madeleine BABIN (Antoine & Marie MERCIER) around 1696. Madeleine was born around 1678. Jean was buried in Louisbourg on 7 September 1732 at about age 60, "above his own land becasue his illness did not allow him to be transported to the cemetery". Madeleine married a second time to Laurent SAUNEUF on 18 November 1732 in Louisbourg. (2)

Jean and Madeleine had 13 children:
i. Claire MARTIN was born around 1697. She first married Pierre VINET around 1717 in Port-Toulouse. She then married Julien PLESSIS PRÉCIS, son of Julien PLESSIS PRÉCIS & Claudine ORRIS, on 22 November 1740 in Louisbourg. She was buried on 4 September 1757 in Louisbourg at the age of 60. (2)
ii. Cécile MARTIN was born around 1698. She married Étienne TRUNET dir FRANCOEUR around 1717. She died on 15 and was buried on 26 January 1733 in Louisbourg, at the age of about 35. (2)
iii. Anne MARTIN was born around 1699. She married Jean-Baptiste JEHANNOT around 1721 in Port-Toulouse. She died on 6 and was buried on 7 June 1746 in St-Pierre-du-Sud, at the age of 47. (2)
iv. Marie-Josèphe MARTIN was born around 1700 in St-Charles-des-Mines. She married Jean BOURHIS, son of Jean BOURHIS & Marie DEMERS, around 1715 in Port-Toulouse. She died on 20 and was buried on 21 September 1732 in Louisbourg, at the age of about 32. (2)
v. Isabelle (Élisabeth) MARTIN was born around 1702. She married Philibert PINEAU dit LAJEUNESSE around 1724. She died and was buried on 11 September 1732 in Louisbourg ar the age of 30. (2)
vi. Marguerite MARTIN married Jean GUILTON dit LA ROCHE, son of Gilbert GUILTON dit LA ROCHE & Françoise MINET, on 7 January 1727 in Louisbourg. She died before the Census 1749. (2)
vii.Jean-Baptiste MARTIN was born on 23 April and baptized on 18 May 1709. (2)
viii. Unnamed daughter MARTIN wa born between the Census 1707 and Census 1714. (2)
ix. Joseph MARTIN was born around 1713. He married Julienne PAUL, daughter of Noël PAUL & Marie de LA VIGNE, on 11 Januaray 1735 in St-Servan. (2)
x. François MARTIN was born in Port-Toulouse around 1715. (2)
xi. Unnamed son MARTIN was born between the Census 1717 and Census 1724. (2)
xii. Pierre MARTIN was born around 1722 in Port-Toulouse. (2)
xiii.Louis MARTIN was born around 1724 in Port-Toulouse. (2)

childvi. Cécile MARTIN was born around 1673. (2)

childvii. Unnamed daughter was born around 1675. (2)

childviii. Marie MARTIN was born around 1678. She married Jean-Baptiste PELLERIN, son of Étienne PELLERIN & Jeanne SAVOIE, on 11 February 1710 in Port-Royal. She died on 11 and was buried on 12 November 1746 in Port-Royal at the age of 69. (2)

childix. Renée MARTIN was born around 1680. (2)

childiii. Urbain MARTIN was baptized on 31 March 1634 in St-German de Bourgueil. He died before 1636. (2)

childiv. Mathieu MARTIN was born around 1639. He married after Census 1693, wife not identified, who died before the Census 1700. He died before April 1724. (2)

childvii. Andrée MARTIN was born around 1649. She first married François PELLERIN around 1665. She then married Pierre MERCIER dit CAUDEBEC, son of Nicolas MERCIER & Jacqueline PICARD, on 24 April 1679 in Beaubassin. (2)

    There were no children of Pierre MARTIN's second marriage with Jeanne ROUSSELIÈRE.

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