4084. Antoine BOURG was born in 1609 in France. He married Antoinette LANDRY in 1636 in Port-Royal. Antoine was brother to Perrine BOURG who married René LANDRY circa 1644.

4085. Antoinette LANDRY was a twin sister to René LANDRY who were born in 1618 in France. She immigrated to Canada with her father in 1640 along with her twin brother René and her older sister Perrine.

Children were:

child2042 iii. Jean BOURG was born around 1646. He was a ploughman. He married Marguerite MARTIN, daughter of (Pierre MARTIN & Catherine VIGNEAU, around 1667 in Port-Royal. Another source indicates the date of marriage as before 31 December 1693. Jean and Marguerite had nine children. Jean died before the Port-Royal Census 1698. 1)(2)

childi. François was born around 1643. He married Marguerite BOUDROT, daughter of Michel BOUDROT & Michelle AUCOIN, around 1665. He died between 1683 & 1686. (2)

They had seven children:
v. Madeleine was born around 1677. She first married Pierre MAISONNAT dit BAPTISTE, son of Élie MAISONNAT & Jeanne SÉGURE, around 1693. She then married Pierre LEBLANC, as his second wife, around 1697 in Port-Royal. She died after 3 December 1730. (2)

Other children: Michel dit Michaud (c1666-c1689-1721); Marie (c1668-?); Alexandre dit BELLEHUMEUR (c1671-c1694-1760); Marguerite (c1673-c1691-?); Pierre (c1683-?); Anne dite Jeanne (c1684-c1700-?). (2)

childii. Marie was born around 1645. She married Vincent BREAU around 1661. She died at age 86 and was buried on 19 September 1730 in the cimetery up river. (2)

childiv. Bernard was born around 1648. He married Françoise BRUN, daughter of Vincent BRUN & Renée BREAU, around 1670. Françoise was born around 1653. Bernard died in Port-Royal. Françoise died on 23 and was buried on 24 May 1725, at the age of 75, according to the Port-Royal Register. (2)

Bernard and Françoise had thirteen children: Marie-Claire (c1671-1691-1727); Unnamed daughter (c.1673-?); Marguerite (c1674-1697-1747); René (c1676-?); Unnamed daughter (c1676-?); Jeanne (c1678-c1701-1723); Anne (c1680-c1701-1751); Claire (c1682-c1699-?); Françoise (c1683-1705-1715); Abraham le jeune (c1685-1709-1751); Renée dite Renoche (c1689-1717-?); Marie (c1690-1711-1752); Claire (c1692-1713-?)

childv. Martin was born around 1650. He married Marie POTET, daughter of ??& Marie GAUTROT, around 1675. They both died in Cobeguit. (2)

Martin and Marie had eleven children:Marie (c1676-c1698-?); Abraham (c1678-c1704&c1711-?); Pierre (c1682-c1706-?); Jeanne (c1684-c1699-?); Ambroise (c1686-c1714-?); François (c1688-1717-?); Anne-Marie (c1691-c1707-1766); Madeleine (c1694-c1712-1754); Charles (c1698-c1720-c1750); Unnamed son (c1707-?); Unname son (c1707-?)

childvi. Jeanne was born around 1653. She married Jean BELLIVEAU, son of Antoine BELLIVEAU & Andrée GUYON, around 1673. She died before 1704. (2)

childvii. Renée was born around 17655. She married Charles BOUDROT, son of Michel BOUDROT & Michelle AUCOIN (2)

childviii. Huguette was born around 1657. She married Sébastien BRUN, son of Vicent BRUN & Renée BREAU around 1675. She died between 1687 and 1693. (2)

childix. Jeanne was born around 1659. She married Pierre COMEAU, the eldest dit L'ESTURGEON, son of Pierre COMEAU & Rose BAYON, around 1677. (2)

childx. Abraham was born around 1662. He married Marie (Sébastienne) BRUN, was born around 1658, daughter of Vincent BRUN & Renée BREAU, around 1683. She was the widow of François GAUTROT. She died on 13 and was buried on 14 April 1736 at age 75, in Port-Royal. (2)

Abraham and Marie had eight children: Jean-Baptiste (c1684-?); Marguerite (1685-1709-1728); Claude (c1688-1717-?); Pierre (c1689-1714&c1727-c1734); Marie (c1691-1713-c1727); Michel (c1693-1720-c1761); Charles (c1695-c1726-?); Joseph (c1697-1722-?)

childxi. Marguerite was born around 1667. He married Louis ALLAIN around 1690. He died on 13 and was buried on 14 September 1727 in Port-Royal. (2)

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