1020. Pierre LEBLANC was born around 1664. He was a farmer and a captain in the militia. He first married Marie THÉRIOT, daughter of Claude THÉRIOT & Marie GAUTROT, around 1684. He then married Madeleine BOURG around 1697 or before 31 December 1698 in Port-Royal. He was buried in Port-Royal on 5 November 1717 at the age of 53. Some their children are listed in the Massachusetts USA Census 1763 because they had been deported to that colony. The census of 1763 had been required by France so they could know where the Acadians were located around the world following the signing of the Treaty of Paris in that same year. (1)(3)

1021. Madeleine BOURG was born around 1677. She was Pierre LEBLANC's second wife. She died after 3 December 1730. (3)

One child with Marie THÉRIOT:

childi. Pierre LEBLANC was born around 1685.

Eight children with Madeleine BOURG were:

child510 iv. Jean-Simon LEBLANC was born on 25 August and baptized on 29 September 1703. He married Jeanne DUPUIS dit DUPUY, daughter of Jean DUPUIS & Anne RICHARD, on 23 November 1722 in Port-Royal. They are listed in the Westboro, MASS Census 1757 & 1763. Jean-Simon and Jeanne Dupuis were deported to Westboro and the Reverend Parkman befriended them and became a good friend of the Acadians who would visit them while in Westboro – there is a whole accounting about this family on Lucie Leblanc Consentino's Website from the Parkman Diaries. Jean-Simon died between 28 February 1766 and 28 September 1775. (2)(3)

ii. Joseph dit Cajétan LEBLANC was born around 1698. He married Marguerite BOURGEOIS, daughter of Germain BOURGEOIS & Madeleine DUGAS, on 20 January 1721 in Port-Royal. They lived in Methuen, MA, USA for a while. He died on 19 and was buried on 20 October in St-Denis-sur-Richelieu at age 80. (3)

iii. Anne LEBLANC was born around 1700. She married Joseph BOURGEOIS, son of Germain BOURGEOIS & Madeleine DUGAS on 10 January 1719 in Port-Royal. Anne & Joseph must have lived in Massachusetts because Anne is listed in the MA Census 1763. She died in Bécancour on 1 and was buried on 2 June 1792 at the age of 95. (3)

v. Marie LEBLANC was born on 1 January and baptized on 28 March 1706 in Port-Royal. She married Claude BOURGEOIS, son of Germain BOUGEOIS & Madeleine DUGAS, on 24 November 1721 in Port-Royal. She listed as 51 years old in the Amesbury MASS Census 1760. She died on 24 and was buried on 25 January 1781, at the age of 78, in St-Jacques de l'Achigan. (3)

vi. Pierre LEBLANC was born on 2 November 1708 and baptized 31 March 1709 in Port-Royal. He was first conditionally baptized by Claude THÉRIOT. He married Françoise THÉRIOT, daughter of Jean THÉRIOT & Jeanne LANDRY, around 1729. He died between the Census 1755 and 27 September 1763. (3)

vii. Paul dit Polet LEBLANC married Marie-Josèphe RICHARD, daughter of René RICHARD & Marguerite THÉRIOT, on 6 October 1732 in Port-Royal. He is listed in the MASS Census 1763. He was buried in Bécancour on 13 March 1773. (3)

viii. Madeleine LEBLANC was born and baptized in Port-Royal on 5 June 1714. She was buried in Port-Royal on 7 February 1715. (3)

ix. Charles dit Chat LEBLANC was born and baptized on 26 September 1716 in Port-Royal. He married Madeleine GIROUARD, daughter of François GIROUARD & Anne BOURGEOIS, on 10 January 1735 in Port-Royal. He died on 30 September 1805 at the age of 91, in Anse-des-Leblanc, according to the Pointe-de-l'Église Register. (3)

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