8186. Jehan BLANCHARD was born around 1611 Martaize, Vienne, France. He married Jeanne RADEGONE LAMBERT around 1642 in Port-Royal, Acadie.
Excerpt from the Acadian 1671 Census: "Jehan BLANCHARD, 60, wife, Radegonde LAMBERT 42; Children (married): Martin 24, Madeline 28, Anne 26; (unmarried): Guillaume 21, Bernard 18, Marie 15; cattle 12, sheep 9." (15)(21)

8187. Jeanne RADEGONDE LAMBERT was born around 1621 and died after 1686. She might have been a Mi'kmaq (MicMac) Indian.It is probable that Radegonde's parents were Jehan LAMBERT & a Mi'kmaq Indian. There is no genealogical proof of this.
However, there is oral history that claims she was a native. (Data is in Adobe Acrobat.pdf format and in French). (16)(17)(18)(21)     Resources)

Children were:

child4093 i. Madeleine BLANCHARD was born around 1655. She first married Michel RICHARD dit SANSOUCY around 1656 in Port-Royal. She died in Port-Royal between the Census 1678 and 1684. (2)(12)(21)

ii. Anne BLANCHARD was born around 1645. She first married François GUÉRIN before 31 Dec 1659 in Acadie. Her second marriage was to Pierre GAUDET, l'ainé, son of Denis GAUDET & Martine GAUTHIER, around 1672. She died in Beaubassin. (2)(11) (21)

iii. Martin BLANCHARD was born around 1647 in Port Royal, Acadie. He first married Marie Françoise LEBLANC, daughter of Daniel LEBLANC & Françoise GAUDET, around 1671 in Cobequid, Acadie. He then married Marguerite GUILBEAU, daughter of Pierre GUILBEAU & Catherine THÉRIOT, before 1686. He died before 1738. (21)

child1018 iv. Guillaume BLANCHARD was born around 1650 in Port Royal, Acadie. He married Huguette GOUGEON, daughter of Antoine GOUGEON & Jeanne CHEBRAT, before 31 Dec 1698 in Acadie. The date of marriage is around 1673. Guillaume died before 1741. (1)(2) (21)

childv. Bernard BLANCHARD was born around 1653 in Port Royal, Acadie. (15)(21)

childvi. Marie BLANCHARD was born around 1656 in Port Royal, Acadie. She married Pierre GAUDET, le jeune, son of Denis GAUDET & Martine GAUTHIER, around 1675. (15)(21)

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(1) PRDH, Certificat d'union No. 10158.
(2) Broderbund, World Family Tree.
(3) Relationship between Rodegonde and this author
(4) Oral Histories of the Mi'kmaq People
(5) Four Directions
(6) Northeast Tribes - The MicMac
(7) The Mi'kmaq (Micmac)
(8) Ste-Anne de Restigouche - 1842-1867
(9) Mi'kmaq Creation Story
(10) Celeste Morrow's family tree.
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(13) Acadian surnames at the time of deportation 1755.
(14) Our First Acadian Ancestors
(15) Acadian 1671 Census
(16) More information
(17) Renseignments en outre
(18) In the Relations des Jésuites, Vol 63, pp.34-36, years 1683-1684, there is mention of a RADEGONDE and her husband Sebastien MANIK8 participating in religious ceremonies honoring St-Francis-de-Sales, patron of their Mission Church. Present also were Fabien and his wife Agnès Pulcherie, as well as Catherine Marine and her daughter Agnès Urusle. In the baptismal certificates of his two children, François Xavier and Marie Catherine Ansite8anski8e, the wife of Sebatien Manik8 is listed as Tchibang8nansk8e.
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