4090. François GAUTREAU dit GAUTROT, parents unknown, was born in the province of Touraine, France, around 1613, as he is listed in the Port-Royal Census 1671 as 58 years old. He was a laborer. He died before the Census 1693. His first spouse was Marie (unknown family name)  before 31 December 1639 , location unknown. He then married Edmée (Aimée) LEJEUNE around 1644. (2)(4)

4091. Edmée (Aimée) LEJEUNE dit BRIARD was born around 1624. She was the sister of Catherine LEJEUNE, born around 1633 and married to François SAVOIE aaround 1651. (2)

Children of the first marriage with Marie ? were:

child2045 i. Marie GAUTEROT dit GOTREAU was born around 1636. She first married Mr. ?? POTET around 1656. She then married Michel DUPUIS around 1664. (2)

childii.Charles GOTTREAU was born around 1639. On 13 October 1665, in Québec, he married Françoise COUSIN, born around 1640, daughter of Martin COUSIN & Marie HUBERT. Chalres died on 16 and was buried on 17 December 1714 in Charlesbourg at the age of 74. Françoise died on 19 and was buried on 20 December 1714, in Charlesbourg. (2)

childChildren were: Mathurin (b.1669-d.1689); Charles (b.1671-d.1693); Guillaume (b.1675); Marie-Anne (b.1676-1694&1706-1753); Françoise (b.c1678); Anonymous (d. 1681). (2)

Children of the second marriage with Edmée (Aimée) LEJEUNE were:

child1017 vi. (Marie) Marguerite GAUTROT dit GOTREAU was born around 1654. She married Jacques dit Jacob GIROUARD,born around 1648, son of François GIROUARD & Jeanne AUCOIN, around 1670 but before 31 December 1687 probably in Port-Royal.They had fourteen children. She died a widow on 2 and was buried on 3 August 1727 in Port-Royal, in Acadie. François died on 27 and was buried on 28 October 1703 in Port-Roayl. (1)(2)

childiii. Marie (2) was born around 1645. Around 1661 in Port-Royal, she married Claude THÉRIOT, son of Jean THÉRIOT & Perrine RAU. She died on 29 and was buried on 30 November 1732 in Port-Royal, as a 90 year old widowd. (2)

childiv. Jean was born around 1648 as he is listed as 23 years of age in the Port-Royal Census 1671. (2)

childv. Renée was born around 1652. Around 1671, she married Jean LABAT dit LE MARQUIS. She died on 8 and was buried 9 July 1737 in Port-Royal as a 99 year old widow. (2)

childvii. François was born around 1657. Around 1677, he married Marie Sébastienne BRUN, daughter of Vincent BRUN & Renée BREAU. He died in Port-Royal before the Census 1683. (2)

childFrançois was born around 1678. He married Louise AUCOIN, daughter of Martin AUCOIN & Marie GAUDENT around 1708. He died in the hospital of St-Malo on 3 February 1759. (2)
childFrançois & Louise had nine children: Pierre, Charles, Unamed son, Marie-Josèphe, Honoré, Alexandre, Joseph, François, Marie-Madeleine. (2)

childviii. Claude was born around 1659. Around 1684, he married Marie THÉRIOT, born around 1667, daughter of Bonaventure THÉRIOT & Jeanne BOUDROT. He died on 24 and was buried on 25 March 1733 in Grand-Pré, Acadia. Marie died before 18 August 1734. (2)

Claude & Marie had thirteen children: Marie, Jeanne, Anne, Françoise, Marguerite, Isabelle, Madeleine, Jean, Charles, Marie-Josèphe, Marguerite (2), Joseph and Catherine-Josèphe. (2)

childix. Charles was born around 1661. He married Françoise RIMBAULT, born around 1666, daughter of René RIMBAULT & Anne-Marie ??, around 1684. He died between 18 April 1723 and 10 October 1725. Françoise died on 27 and was buried on 28 May 1712. (2)

childThey had eleven children: François, Charles, Claude, Pierre, Marie, Anne, Madeleine, Jean, Marguerite, Isabelle and Claire. (2)

childx. Jeanne was born around 1665. She married Pierre LANOUE around 1682. She died on 18 and was buried on 19 October 1749 in Port-Royal. (2)

childxi. Germain was born around 1668 as he is listed as 3 years old in the Port-Royal Census 1671. (2)

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