3944. Sebastien ALLAIRE was born in St-Philbert-du-Pont-Charrault diocese of Lucon, Poitou, France. He married Perrine FLEURISSON on 24 January 1629 in France. (1)

3945. Perrine FLEURISSONE was also known Perrine THOURISSONE.

Children were:

child i. Jean ALLAIRE was born 19 August 1632 in France. He married Perrine THERRIEN on 12 December 1662 in Québec. He died on 1 April 1673 in Ste-Famille I.O.(3)

child ii. Charles ALLAIRE was born 2 August 1637 in France. He married Catherine FIENE dit FIEVRE on 16 November 1663 in Québec.(2)

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