38. François LEMAY dit POUDRIER was born and baptized on 18 January 1734 in the Paroisse de St-Louis, Lotbinière, Co. Lotbinière, Québec. He first married Marie Marthe PERRAULT on 7 September 1758 in St-Pierre-les-Becquets.
He then married Marie Antoine GAUSSIN ST-GERMAIN on 11 January 1790 in St-Michel, Yamaska, Québec. He died on 26 and was buried on 27 August 1800 in St-Michel d'Yamaska, Québec. (2)(3)(4)(5)(6)

39.Marie Antoine GAUSSIN ST-GERMAIN was born and baptized on 4 February 1754 in St-Michel, Yamaska, Québec. She died on 15 and was buried on 16 July 1838 in St-David, Yamaska, Québec. (1)(6)

Children were:

child19 i. Marie Archange LEMAY dit POUDRIER was born on 20 and baptized on 21 January 1794 in St-Michel d'Yamaska. She married Michel Lambert on 1 March 1813 in St-Michel d'Yamaska. She died on 29 and was buried on 31 May 1852 in St-David d'Yamaska. (6)

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