3794. Michel LENEUF was born at Caen around 1601. His natural daughter Anne was born around May 1633. He arrived in New France with his mother, daughter, brother and sister in 1636. He had the title of Sieur DU HÉRISSON. He was a lieutenant general. He raised the Poutrel children who were born to his sister Madeleine who had remained in France. He settled in Trois-Rivières. He acquired much land, some of it in dispute with the Jesuits for having obtained a title to some land in the seigneurie of Cap-de-la-Madeleine that had been served by the missionaires for an Algonquin settlement. He died prior to 26 October 1672 in Trois-Rivières. (1)(4)


child1897 i. Anne DUHÉRISSON was also known as Anne LENEUF. She was born around May 1633 in St-Jean, Caen, diocese of Bayeux, Normandy, (Calvados) France. She was the natural daughter of Michel LENEUF. Her mother is unkown. She arrived in Québec in 1636. She married Antoine DESROISIERS on 24 November 1647 in Québec somewhere. She died on 16 October 1711 in Champlain, Québec. (2)(3)

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