3662. Nicolas BONHOMME was born before 1607 in France. He married Catherine GOUJET on 2 September 1640. He died on 7 August 1683 in Québec. He was also known as Nicolas BONHOMME dit BEAUPRÉ. (1)(2)

3663. Catherine GOUJET was born before 1612. She died on 9 April 1679. She was also known as Catherine GOUGET.

Children were:

child1831 vii. Catherine BONHOMME was born on 21 September 1655 in the village of St-François, parish of Québec. She married Jacques BERTHIAUME on 5 November 1667 in Québec.(1)(3)

childiii. Ignace BONHOMME BEAUPRÉ, son of Nicolas BONHOMME & Catherine GOUGET, married Marie Agnès MORIN on 12 January 1671 in Québec. After Agnès died in 1687, Ignace married Anne POIRIER BELLEPOIRE, daughter of Vincent POIRIER BELLEPOIRE & Françoise PINGUET, on 31 July 1691 somewhere in Québec. They had one child: Charles BONHOMME who married Marie Thérèse HAGUENIER on 10 June 1724 in Ste-Anne-de-Détroit. Anne died on 31 January and was buried on 1 February 1704 in Ste-Foy. Ignace died on 21 and was buried on 22 April 1711 in Ste-Foy. (5)

   Six other children older than Catherine. (1)

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