912. Charles BERNIER was born in 1662. He married Marie Anne LEMIEUX on 25 October 1694 in Cap St-Ignace. He died and was buried on 28 March 1731 in Cap St-Ignace, Québec. (4)(1)(2)

913. Marie Anne LEMIEUX was born 9 and baptized on 14 April 1680 in L'Islet, Co. L'Islet Québec. She died on 28 and was buried on 29 July 1754 in Cap-St-Ignace, Québec. (3)(4)

Children were:

child456 iv. Isidore BERNIER was born before 1699 somewhere in Québec. He married Ursule BELLEAU LAROSE BEZEAU on 5 November 1726 in Cap St-Ignace, Québec. Ursule was born on 26 and baptized on 27 January 1708 in Ste-Foy. Isidore died on and was buried on 7 January 1781 in Cap St-Ignace, Québec. Ursule died on 19 and was buried on 21 August 1788 in Cap St-Ignace, Québec. (1)(4)

   Twelve other children: Two older and ten younger than Isidore. (1)

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