7102. Louis SEDILOT was born in 1600 in Montreuil en Picardie, Somme, France. He married Marie CHARIER dit CHASLE before 31 December 1627 in France. He then married Marie GRIMAULT before 21 December 1637 in France. He died on 25 January 1672 in Québec. (1)(3)
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7103. Marie CHARIER was also known as Marie CHASLE.

    Children were:

child3551 i. Marie SEDILOT was born before 1627 in France. She married Bertrand FAFARD on 21 December 1640 in Québec somewhere. She died on 12 June 1689 in Trois-Rivières. (1)(2)


    Children were:

i. Jacqueline Catherine SEDILOT married Jean CHENIER on 23 October 1651 in Québec. (3)

ii. Adrien SEDILOT married Jeanne Angélique BRIERE on 22 September 1661 in Québec. (3)

iii. Étienne SEDILOT married Marie Madeleine CARBONNET on 11 August 1664 in Québec. (3)

iv. Marguerite SEDILOT married Jean AUBUCHON LESPERENCE on 19 September 1654 in Trois-Rivières. (3)

v. Marie SEDILOT married Julien TROTTIER on 16 August 1660 in Québec. (3)

vi. Jean SEDILOT married Marie Claire DELAHOGUE on 27 November 1669 in Québec. (3)

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