3546. Étienne RACINE was born 11 May 1604 in the parish of Saint-Germain of Fumichon, department of Lisieux (Calvados), France. He appeared in New France in 1637. He married Marguerite Marie MARTIN dit LESCOSSOIS, daughter of Abraham MARTIN on 22 May 1638 in Notre-Dame de la Visitation, Québec. The marriage contract was signed by Guital on 16 November 1637. He was a carpenter. In 1650, they settled on a piece of land of seven arpents on the Beaupré estate on the Chiens River. They had nine children of whom eight married. One of them became a Hospitalier at Montréal. The four boys are the source of the family name RACINE. There was a letter from Fr. Paul RAGUENEAU to Marguerite, dated 18 December 1669 from Paris. He died on 24 and was buried on 25 April 1689 under the altar of the first church in Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré, Montmorency, Québec. (1)(2)(3)(5)(9)(10)

3547. Marguerite MARTIN was born on 1 and baptized 4 January 1624 in Notre-Dame de Québec. She died on 25 and was buried on 26 November 1679 in Château-Richer, Montmorency, Québec. (1)(10)
First Canadian Ancestors - Martin

Children were:

child1773 iv. Marie Madeleine RACINE was born and baptized on 25 July 1646 in Notre-Dame de Québec, Québec. She married Noël SIMARD dit LOMBRETTE on 22 November 1661 in Château-Richer, Québec. Noël died on 24 and was buried on 28 July 1715 in Baie St-Paul, Co. Charlevoix, Québec. Madeleine died and was buried on 3 December 1726 in Baie St-Paul, Co. Charlevoix, Québec.

This link with lead to Cyrille Bélanger, this author's maternal great-grandfather. (3)(4)(9)(10)

v. François RACINE was born 16 July 1649 in Québec. He married Marie BAUCHER MORENCY BOUCHER on 29 October 1676 in Ste-Famille, Île-d'Orléans. He died on 23 February 1714 in Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré.
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vii. Pierre RACINE was born on 26 October 1654 in Québec. He married Marie Louise GUYON DION on 8 July 1682 in Ste-Famille, Île d'Orléans. He died 12 March 1729 in Québec. They had nine children.
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   Seven other children. (3)

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