3544. Pierre SIMARD was born around 1612 in Puymoyen, diocese of Angoulême, Charente, France. He first married Catherine BOUTIER on 25 May 1631 in France. Catherine's parents were Jacques BOUTIER & Marguerite CANY. He then married Suzanne DURAND on 2 December 1635 in France. (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)

Suzanne DURAND was born before 1625. Her parents Louis DURAND & Françoise LEVREAU were married before 31 December 1625. (4)(5) Children were:

child1772 i. Noël SIMARD was born before 1637 in France. He married Marie Madeleine RACINE on 22 November 1661 in Château-Richer. Marie Madeleine was born and baptized on 25 July 1646 in Notre-Dame de Québec, Québec. Noël died on 24 and was buried on 28 July 1715 in Baie St-Paul, Co. Charlevoix, Québec. Madeleine died and was buried on 3 December 1726 in Baie St-Paul, Co. Charlevoix, Québec. (2)
PIERRE & NOËL SIMARD dit Lombrette

Pierre Simard was born about 1602, at Saint-Vincent, township of Puymoyen, region of Angoulême, province of Angoumois, now in the Departement of Charente. He was the son of Marsault Simard and of Ozanne Soullet or Goulet. Pierre Simard practised the stonemason's craft in the Angoulême region. He entered a marriage contract with Catherin Boudier on 25 May 1631; they remained childless. He entered a second marriage on 2 December 1635 with Suzanne Durand, daughter of Louis and of Françoise Levrauld, of Angoulême. Two children were born to the couple: Noël, born about 1637, and Suzanne.

Pierre crossed the Atlantic at the end of May 1657 with his sonNoel, then 21 years of age. The craft "Taureau" docked at Québec on 21 June. It may be that Catherine did not come with them, or perhaps she did not like the new country and soon returned to France. The documents are mute on that subject.

On 30 January 1655, Pierre Simard, called Lombrette, Robert Paré, and Mathurin Meunier each received a concession of land on the Côte de Beaupré, from Jean de Lauzon, the elder, the governor of New France. Pierre and Noël worked the land together. The father owned the property, but Noël remained with him, and planned to settle there himself.

On 13 November 1661, Noel Simard contracted to marry Marie-Madeleine Racine, baptised at Québec on 25 July 1646, daughter of ancestor Etienne Racine and of Marguerite Martin, granddaughter of the royal pilot Abraham Martin. Marie-Madeleine was then about fifteen years of age. The marriage was celebrated at Château-Richer, on Tuesday, 22 November 1661.

About 1680, the Simard family moved to Baie-St-Paul, at a point of land called Cap Maillard, in Petite-Rivière-St-François. They were joined by the families of Tremblay, Bouchard, Fortin, Lavoie and Lacroix.

Marie-Madeleine brought fourteen children into the world. Eight boys and six girls married and founded families of their own. Ten of these children have descendants of concern to us in this genealogy, including my own [Robert Rochon's] children.

Ancestor Pierre Simard died some time after the 1681 census. His son Noël, after 54 years of marriage, was buried at Baie-St-Paul on 25 July 1715. His widow, Marie-Madeleine, passed on during the summer of 1726, at the age of 81.

The name Simard means "renowned victory".

Translated from Robert Rochon's website by Fr. Owen Taggart

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