872. Pierre MORIN was born around 1662 in St-Jean, Port-Royal in Acadie. He married Françoise CHIASSON dit LAVALLÉE GIASSON on 8 November 1682 in Beaubassin, Acadie. He was an inhabitant of Rivière du Sud, the parish of St-Pierre. He was master of barge. He was buried on 15 April 1741 at the age of 86 in St-François-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud, Montmagny, Québec.(5)(6)

873. Françoise CHIASSON GIASSON dit LAVALLÉE was born around 1668 in Acadie. Her parents Guyon CHIASSON dit LAVALLÉE & Jeanne BERNARD were from St-Jean-Baptiste de Port-Royal and later inhabitants of Beaubassin. Françoise died before 17 October 1734. (4)(5)

    Children were:

child436 i. Pierre MORIN was also known as Pierre MAJOR. He was born on 23 December 1683 in Beaubassin. He married Marie Françoise BOULET BOULÉ, daughter of Jacques BOULET BOULÉ & Françoise FOURNIER, on 10 January 1707 in St-Thomas de Montmagny. He died suddendly in church, at age 84, on 4 and was buried on 5 February 1767 in St-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud, Co. Montmagny. Marie Françoise was buried on 20 March 1764 in St-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud, Co. Montmagny, Québec. (2)(5)(6)

childx. Charles MORIN was born and baptized on 7 January 1707 in St-Pierre, Montmagny, Québec. The Baptismal ceremony took place in the Church of St-Thomas on the 12 February 1707. He married Marie Claire DESTROISMAISONS PICARD on 21 October 1731 somewhere in Québec. Charles died on 17 and was buried on 18 December 1786 in St-François-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud, Co. Montmagny, Québec. Marie Claire DESTROISMAISONS PICARD was born and baptized on 2 March 1710 in the paroissse de St-Thomas, Pointe-du-Caille, Co. Montmagny, Québec. She died on 8 and was buried on 9 February 1787 in St-François-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud, Co. Montmagny, Québec. (1)(2)(5)(6)

ii. Barbe MORIN was born around 1686. She married Michel HARBOUR after the Census 1700. She died before 29 January 1753. (5)

childiii. Marie MORIN was born around 1688. She is listed in a "Testament greff" of F. Rageot on 25 January 1728. (5)

childiv. Sébastien MORIN was born around 1691. He first married Françoise BLANCHET, daughter of Piere BLANCHET & Marie FOURNIER, on 13 November 1717 in St-François-du-Sud. He then married Marie-Anne FRÉGEAU, daughter of Daniel FRÉGEAU & Anne POSÉ, on 25 February 1743 in St-François-du-Sud. He was buried at the age of 60 on 15 November 1756 in St-François-du-Sud. (5)

childv. Denis MORIN was born in Québec on 7 August 1694. He married Madeleine BOULET, daughter of Jacques BOULET & Françoise FOURNIER, on 20 November 1718 in Rivière-du-Sud. He died on 20 and was buried on 21 September 1768 in St-Pierre-du-Sud at the age of 68. (5)

childvi. Agathe MORIN was born on 31 March 1697 in St-Thomas de Montmagny. She married Jacques BOULET, son of Jacques BOULET & Françoise FOURNIER. She was buried on 31 July 1733 in St-François-du-Sud at age 38. (5)

childvii. Michel MORIN was born between 1699 adn 1700. He married Marie FRÉGEAU, daughter of Daniel FRÉGEAU & Anne POSÉ on 7 January 1727 in Berthier-sur-Mer. He died and was buried on 20 June 1767at the age of 69 in La Rivière-du-Loup, Kamouraska, Québec.(5)(6)

childviii. Jean-Baptiste MORIN was born on 22 April and baptized on 24 June 1702 in Mont-Louis. He married Félicité LEMIEUX, daughter of Louis LEMIEUX & Geneviève FORTIN, on 25 June 1739 in Cap-St-Ignace. He died on 19 and was buried on 21 April 1782 in the church at St-François-du-Sud at age 80. (5)

childix. Antoine MORIN was born on 16 and baptized on 19 October 1704 in St-Thomas de Montmagny. He married Marguerite DAGNEAU dit LAPRISE, daughter of Jacques DAGNEAU dit LAPRISE & Louise DESTROISMAISONS dit PICARD, on 25 October 1734 in St-François-du-Sud. He died on 3 and was buried on 5 March 1776 in St-François-du-Sud. (5)

childxi. Marie-Françoise MORIN was born and baptized on 19 May 1709 in St-Thomas de Montmagny. She married Joseph CÔTÉ, son of Louis CÔTÉ& Geneviève BERNIER, widower of Marguerite COUILLARD de BEAUMONT, on 22 November 1734 probably in St-Thomas de Montmagny. She died on 6 and was buried on 7 April 1783 in St-Thomas de Montmagny at age 72. (5)

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