27832. Barnabé GAGNON/GAIGNON bought a farm from Gervais ROGER & Marion AUBERT on 18 December 1565 in the village of La Gagnonnière in the Perche forest, between Tourouvre and Ventrouze. He married Françoise CREST circa 1557. They also owned an Inn in the same village.

27833. Françoise CREST was born in St-Aubin, Tourouvre, Ev. Chartres, Perche (ar. Mortagne, Orne).

Children were:

child1728 i. Pierre GAGNON was born around 1565 in La Gagnonnière and baptized in Ventrouze. He married Renée ROGER before 5 October 1598 in France.
childii. Olivier GAGNON, born about 1557, married Antoinette FEBRVRIER, daughter of Jehan FEBVRIER before 1581.

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