13916. Pierre GAGNON was born in Tourouvre, in Perche. He married Renée ROGER before 5 October 1598 in France.

13917. Renée ROGER was born in Tourouvre, in Perche.

Children were:

i. Marguerite was born 5 October 1598 in France. She married Éloi TAVERNIER on 3 February 1624 in France. She died on 7 December 1677 in Château-Richer. (1)

child864 ii. Marthurin GAGNON was born on 22 November 1606 and baptized in St-Aubin, Blois, France. He established himself in Canada in 1635 with his brothers Jean and Pierre. He married Françoise BOUDEAU GODEAU,daughter of François BOUDEAU & Jeanne JEHAND/PANEE, on 30 September 1647 in Notre-Dame de Québec. Françoise was from Roche-Guyon in Normandy. She was 13 when she married Mathurin who was 41. They had 16 children, only 9 lived. He died on 20 and was buried 22 April 1690 in Château-Richer, Québec. Françoise was buried on 14 September 1699 in Château-Richer.(1) (2)

iii. Jean GAGNON was born on 13 August 1610. He also launched into business. In 1640, he acquired a farm in Château-Richer. On 19 July 1640, he married Marguerite CAUCHON, daughter of Jean CAUCHON/COCHON & Marguerite COINTAL, natives of Caux, Dieppe region, France. They had 8 chidlren: six married, 2 boys and 4 girls; two died at a young age. Jean was buried on 2 April 1670 in Château-Richer.(1)

iv. Pierre was born on 14 February 1612 in France. He married Vincente DESVARIEUX, daughter of Jean DESVARIEUX & Marie CHEVALIER, from St-Vincent d'Auberinail, Caux in Normandy, on 14 September 1642 in Québec. They had 10 children. Two boys and a daughter married. Pierre-Paul was ordained a priest in Québec in 1677: first person by that name and the third Canadian to become a priest. The five other children died at a young age. Marie-Madeleine entered the Augustime Convent at the age of 13. She died in 1677 at the age of 22 years. Vincente was buried on 2 January 1695 and Pierre on 17 April 1699 in Château-Richer. (1)

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